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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Run - Day 1

When I was at school, I did many types of sports which specializes hand skills more than leg skills such as volleyball, table tennis, handball, tennis and hockey. Being not so good at leg-related-sports, I would choose a position where I can use hands more than legs, for example I would choose to be the goal keeper if I were to play football. I enjoyed playing those sports for exercise more than for competition. I didn’t like to compete, I don’t know why. Sebab takut kalah kot.

Anyway, today marked the day where I started running, hopefully seriously from now onwards. I went to the gym where there’s a small indoor track that one has to do 10 laps to complete a 1 mile (1.6km) distance.

I told myself not to push so hard since today is my first day running. But, being so excited to start running and without knowing what the best pace is for me at this moment, I just ran quite aggressively. After 3 laps I felt like I was going to puke, couldn’t breath So, I walked for one lap. Then I ran again for a couple of laps, and walk, and ran, and walk again. At first I thought I recorded every running lap times with my IM Timex watch, but it turned out that I pressed the wrong buttons. Hampeh betul. Therefore, no record of running time for my first day. I finally stopped running when I got side stitch on the right side of my abdomen. Manyak sakit woo...

Result of Day 1 (Monday)
Distance: Hmm, in total maybe 2 miles (3.2km), with 75% running and 25% walking
Time: unknown
Max Heart Rate: macam nak gila!

One thing I noticed about the difference between cycling and running is, it is much harder to run compared to cycling. My heart rate went up to the max just after 2 laps. I felt like all blood was pumped up onto my head. Never mind, I’ll go slow and steady. There’s more room for improvement as long as I continue to train.

Oh ya, I am not going to stop cycling yet. In fact, after doing the 43km ride that day, I feel like I wanted to do more rides with greater distance. But, there’s no more cycling event coming up nearby my place in the near future that I can join. I’m thinking of doing some solo long distance ride during early morning of the weekends. Itupun kalau kuat semangat, paham-paham ajelah.

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