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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dari Mata...

Without any doubt, one of the many reasons why or how I started to venture into doing triathlon and endurance sports is because of being inspired by reading from triathletes’ blogs. There were many good bloggers back then who used to write inspirational posts, even without them realizing it. And somehow, some people (like me) ended up trying to become like them – the power of inspiration.

Things have changed nowadays however, when I noticed Facebook has taken a lot of their attention from blogging. Many inspirational blogs I used to follow are now scaling down. Lesser entries, lesser updates. Many have actively migrated to Facebook, making new home for virtual spiders (hint: leaving cobwebs on the blog).

I’m not talking about everybody or anybody in particular though, because fortunately they are still some active inspirational bloggers who are also actively Facebook-ing. I wonder how many free hours per day these people have.

OK, I should stop talking about this. I’ve diverted further away from what I initially intent to write about. Let’s go back to my point.

I’ve mentioned that I’m in the off-season mode. Right.

But, lately and especially with so many interesting races going around in this last quarter or 2009, which none of them I participated, and upon reading the interesting blog entries about the races, I can’t control my envy-ness inside me. My legs are itchy again.

Time to put a stop to my resting Brooks Cascadia 4.

I signed up for this.

I’m not sure whether this is my closing race for 2009, or should I consider this as a new starter for 2010 season?

One thing for sure, this is going to be something new for me. I need to start twitching my legs one step further – into competitive trail running.

The old folks said, “Dari mata turun ke hati”

I say, “Dari mata, turun ke kaki”.
Terlajak beb.

That’s why I still actively read blogs for inspirations.


Anonymous said...

I facebook to menyampuk on ppl's status/links/posts only. Never played anything. Yea, I also find myself slowly getting bored of FB. I prefer hanging at ppl's blogs, like this one, so rajin update, and I try to keep my blog alive as much as possible.

FB shouldn't consume our lives. Better read great stuff elsewhere.

BTW, if you haven't yet realized, new season dah ni...I think our season off masa ramadhan/syawal, now dah on semula. Happy training.

shuklazim said...

Yes!!! Aku pun dah bayar. Maghi lah kita hungga togeder geder.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Now is already new season eh?
Ooohh... i'm so ketinggalan zaman.
Happy training to you too!
Singapore marathon is due soon for u, right? Time to hit those tarmac for more LSD?
Go Haza go!

Yeah.. mari kita kasi gegar sama itu bukit kiara...!!!

CheRaMicHe said...

awesome. see u there nik! jom kita try trail dia dulu.. amacam?

CheRaMicHe said...

sambungan - and someone actually asking me if there will be another 'nuang run' in the near future.. ni kena tanya bro Ian kan?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Drop me your phone number at my email ya! We'll keep in touch.
Mari kita kasih jeles sama itu orang-orang yang kena training for Singapore marathon. ahahaha (jahat betul).

amsyah said...

ahah, my FB-ing is restricted to tengok status kengkawan, pasal malas nak telefon tanya khabar...

Eh Che - 14/11/09 ke Kiara jadik ka? kita piknik sekali hahah

CheRaMicHe said...

jom? hehe.. boleh.. boleh.. esoknya nak pegi GPS.. xde masalah.. kayuh je.. tak leh kayuh tolak :P

okay.. will send u my contact no through your email.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

OK, u guys organize the Kiara run, I'll join, insyaAllah.

Blackopoulos said...

Consider that race for your opening race of the new season..

Sometimes to avoid boring and dullness in training is to do cross training..

It's fun and adventures if run on trail..

p/s: my closing season ended by Mount Kinabalu hiking and white water rafting!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Eh.. takkan awal sgt nak start new season kot.. rehat tak puas lagi ni.. hahahha.

All the best with your Powerman!
Kasi gegar seluruh daerah Manjung!!!

Anonymous said...

Ehehehe...korang bersembang dari blog syah sampai sini!

Nik, SCSM I'm only doing half kot. But even that I'm undertrained.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yup. Ni baru betul2 blog-hopping namanya.

Your 'undertrained' state is much better than my 'overtrained' stage lah. Especially for 21km run, u lari sambil tutup sebelah mata pun boleh habis 21km kan? :)

KOOKY KASH said...

I'm in for 14/11 Kiara run.

Diket said...

Bro, nice to know that u'll be joining the xtrail run. Should there be any trail run workout on weekend, pls give me a buzz.

Apa kasut trail run nak cari ye?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

OK, good. Let's give this Kiara a re-visit.

Yeah, i feel like adding up my adventure list, thus.. XTrail run. God knows what comes next.
Leave ur phone number at my email (sorry haritu lupa nak mintak masa YEA Putrajaya).

Plenty of trail shoes in the market. Brooks, New Balance, Salomon, Adidas, etc. Cuma search the net dulu and go try the shoes coz a good fitting trail shoes is very very very the important. Or else, can easily injure ur feet.
Mine is Brooks Cascadia 4.

Fong said...

haha.. comment ni out of topic korg.. truthfully, i found out alot of races from here.. keep on blogging =) i m buta FB =) only harapkan ppl upload for me, haha..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Puan Nurul Aini Fong,
U r one super athlete yg amat rajin training, that's why u have not much time for FB, right? (i'm just guessing).
Thanks for dropping by. Drop by la selalu ye.
Nak drive thru pun boleh, nak parking pun boleh. Parking is free (at your own risk). Hehehe.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Woops sorry Fong.
It should be Nurul Ain... i ter-typo error lak tadi.

Fong said...

Aini pun boleh.. u call me fong easier aa.. tak confuse.. haha.