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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Birthday Run Done!

Planned to do a 33km run on my birthday (in conjunction with my age), it ended up being 34km. Terbabas daa...

Tiada kata yang dapat digambarkan.... P.E.N.A.T..G.I.L.E!

Special thanks to Shanaz and Jaja who turned up to accompany me for the run this morning. You both rawks!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Demi Kerja

Demi tugas dan demi kerja,
Panas dan hujan ku harung jua,
Kalau dulu berlari sahaja,
Sekarang terjebak dengan golf pula.

Ku hayun hayun ku pukul pukul,
Si bola kecil berwarna putih,
Bukannya senang nak straight betul,
Banyak melencong itu yang letih.

Kalau 9 holes kena dua jam,
Kalau 18 holes minima empat jam,
Di bawah mentari terasa nak pitam,
Kulit dah makin hitam al-legam.

Makinlah susah nak balance training,
Family, kerja dan juga sukan,
Makin lama hai makin pening,
Silap strategi ada chance pengsan.

Amacam, berapa bintang nak bagi markah untuk gaya ni?

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ragu-Ragu Tapi Mahu

I posted up this message below on my Dailymile account about three weeks ago, with a wishful thinking that I would be able to 'up' my fitness from almost zero (ehem ehem, drama sikit), to a level that I can pull off a 33km run without causing any injuries.

Started to have this crazy idea to run 33km on my 33rd birthday.... just for fun.
From Kiara Park, through Matrade/Solaris, up to Bukit Aman for the turnaround, then back to Kiara Park.
It's a public holiday anyway.

I've been clocking some serious mileage in the recent weeks, in the nature of rush to get ready for this self-generated konon-nak-jadi-hero dream.

On the other hand, I'm also starting to have some self doubts about it, reflecting on how bad my body responded to the mileage I've been forcing it to get used to. Aduhai...

So there you have it. A part of me who is wishfully wanting to experience something special on his birthday in his own way. And another part of me who says I won't be able to do it - purely due to lack of preparation other than anything else.

Well, I guess we'll see how it goes...

It's just for fun anyway.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Runners Are Weird

Runners are weird, when they say “Never again!”, or “This is so going to be my last race E-V-E-R!!” after finishing a very challenging run race, they will end up registering for another race almost immediately after they reach home.

Runners are weird, they know all of the running shoe models (including the color variations, model year, price) in the market. Don’t be surprise, they might not know how many model of Proton cars are on the road currently. For them, cars are all same. But not running shoes, each of them are different.

Runners are weird, they can memorize other runners from the type or model of shoes they are wearing. Statements like ”Eh, do you know Mr. X? Alaaa… the guy yang pakai kasut Nike Free kaler merah tuuu…”.

Runners are weird, when other people collect fridge magnets or key chains, they collect running vests and medals (and some of them even collect running bibs!). Running shoes are already a collection item by default laa, no doubt about it.

Runners are weird, they have more running shoes than their work shoes. And they wish their work shirts or uniforms are made out of dri-fit material.

Runners are weird, they don’t mind if they get stuck in a traffic jam for an hour. But it will drive them crazy if there are too many runners starting up in a 10km race as that will slow them 3 to 4 minutes for having to maneuver in between them.

Runners are weird, they have this amazing ability to wake up at 5am (or earlier) on weekend mornings. However, they find it difficult to wake up before 7.30am on any other working days.

Runners are weird, some of them may appear quiet or serious. But once you tell them something like “I’m planning to start running…”, you’ll see how talkative they can be. You’ll fall sick listening to their non-stop dramatic stories.

Some runners are weird, when they feel they are not good at running fast or far anymore.. they switch to playing golf.

Eh wait, that sounds very much like me...

Thursday, October 6, 2011