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Monday, October 5, 2009

Trail Run at FRIM Kepong

What a bloody experience.

After the rejuvenating and exciting experience running and hiking up Gunung Nuang (till Lolo camp), I find it hard to resist an invitation to do another trail running. This time, at FRIM Kepong.

I had a little bit of contemplation on whether to go and support friends doing Ironman 70.3 race at Putrajaya on the same Sunday morning, or to do the trail run. Since the distance from my house to Kepong is much nearer, I had to forego the plan of going to Putrajaya.

Not wanting to let people wait for me as it was during last weekend’s Nuang trail run, I shoot off to FRIM Kepong very early and was the first person to arrive at the Masjid Jamek FRIM. I arrived there at half past six in the morning, and shortly after that, Ian and Haris arrived, followed by Dr. Zana. I spent the luxury of time to munch down some raisin bread while doing some stretching.

Dr. Zana and Ian getting ready. It was still dark.

Supposed to begin running at 7am, but we waited for Syah as he was already on the way.

This is the landmark of our meeting/parking place inside the FRIM. Plenty of other cars started to fill up the area.

At 7.15am, we began our journey into the trail area. I noticed the sign board indicating the direction to go to the famous Canopy Walkway, which I have yet to go by myself. Maybe some other time.

Not so far ahead to go to the Canopy Walkway.

The five of us who were up for the FRIM trail run challenge
L-R: Dr. Zana, Ian, Syah, Haris, and myself.

Let the journey begins!

Legs were already jittery to start running once we hit the trail start point.

There were already considerably plenty of people walking up the trail at FRIM that morning. And for me, it is always a pleasant view to see more people taking up this kind of healthy lifestyle, though I know many more are still sleeping in, just like any other normal Sunday mornings. FRIM might not be located near from where some of you are staying now, but I believe the location alone is not the main motivation drive, it’s something inside the heart.

As we made our way into the trail, we started running. After going through the first or two kilometers, I now know and testify that last week’s Nuang trail run was much tougher than FRIM trail run. FRIM’s trail was not as demandingly steep as some parts of Nuang’s, and the earth/sand is quite cushioning and softer. A good place for a trail run beginner I would say.

Syah leading the way this time. He was in front from the start till the end.

They got some kind of allergic as I pointed my camera towards them. Look at how they reacted. How could one smile while running trail? Were they not tired? Gosh.

Another example of those who do not know what is the meaning of tired, no matter where they run.

I attempted a fake smile. This was actually a second attempt to capture me in action, I had to u-turn down and re-run up the slope towards the cameraman TWICE, just to get this shot.

There were not so many steep climbs here at FRIM, making the whole running time less demanding on the heart rate. The steep climbs we had to take was quite short, and I considered them as a walk break to slow down and stabilize my breathing.

Some of the steep short climbs we had to make.

I can’t really remember what came next after another, but the trail conditions we ran changed from gravel, to tarmac, to a real off-road kind of trail with dead leaves all over the place.

Nice place to trail run, pretty flat most of the ways.

I ran at the front together with Syah most of the times. So, we had more opportunities for short breather stops while waiting for the others.

At about 8.30am (if I’m not mistaken), we arrived at a small water dam, which is the highest point that we reached that day. We made a short stop here before making the run back down, which only means more opportunities to dry up my digital camera’s battery life.

Haris and Syah. Superb stamina.

I have more ‘stamina’ in resting (and sleeping)!

Asam Boi was our official ‘non-official’ sponsor for a quick salt and nutrient replenishments.

Ian explaining what to do next and where to re-gather when running down the trail. He came here the day earlier to recce the trail with his side-kicks. Yes, that means he ran this trail on both Saturday and Sunday. Talk about Decide, Commit, Suicide SUCCEED!

Old Kids on The Blocks

Oh ya, I forgot to mention how bloody this trail run was for me.

I am still contemplating whether to share with you my bloody experience of the day, as I don’t want to scare you or distract your interest in doing trail run. But, for the sake of sharing, I hope you all can bear with my story and please strengthen your heart so see the following images which may deter your appetite of the day, or for days to come. My apology in advance.

This small slimy little creature triggered some itchy sensation underneath the socks, on my left leg nearby the ankle…

With the thoughts of serving an ‘open day’ for it, I let it enjoy the feast of the day on my leg. Can you see how ‘boroi’ it get? I would say, it has increased 300% from its original body size.

Leaving the ‘open house’ with a full tummy. I think the little creature was having some difficulty to drag its body.

Leaving me with this ‘bloody experience’… ahahaha.

I really enjoyed the running back down the trail, as it was not as steep as at Nuang, I was able to cruise down more comfortably without worrying so much on the impacts to the knee joints. Not so much of ‘braking’ efforts were required, except at the one or two super steep yet short downhill.

Some folks doing static exercises while enjoying the oxygen-rich fresh morning air.

We passed by this water logy.

As we reached lower ground, we saw this camping site with some school children having some activities in the proximity.

The signboard of Malay Tea House where no tea or coffee were being served in the morning because it is still being closed though the time was already showing 9am. We should invite some mamak to open a restaurant up here, to be open 24 hours, with Astro projected on big screen, right?

This trail at FRIM is also well known and visited by many MTB-ers as we could see more of them here than those we encountered at Nuang the week before. On our way down, we could also see more and more people walking up. I wonder what were on their minds upon seeing us running down like we were being chased by wild boars. I just hope they won’t be thinking that we were nuts.

I reached back down at the car part at 9.30am, feeling satisfied with the whole run. It was a good run for me, at least. I quickly took off my trail shoes for not wanting them to be smudged with my type O blood, and proceeded with some stretching to cool down my system. When everybody arrived, we walked our way to the nearby cafeteria for some light breakfast, once again prepared by Ian from his Fitness Kitchen.

Waiting patiently for the food…

The temptation at the food counter of the café was really challenging, but we were glad that we had the strength to resist them, not for long though.

Synchronize eating?

I forgot to bring cash to the table, so I had to smile a lot, secretly hoping for some good treats from these generous friends in return.

Nyum nyum nyum…

Eggwhite bruschetta with fresh salad.

As much as we wanted to keep away from it, how many Malaysians do you know who can resist the nasi lemak, especially after a run/bike session? Tell me... tell me…
(That’s all I can say, because I have no other excuses for the failure of resisting the temptation)

After we were done with our breakfast, Ian offered me to do some body composition scan to see how many lemangs and ketupats and rendangs I’ve taken two weeks after the Raya.

Ian took out this cool Karada Scan machine from his car.

I had to stand on it, and hold another scanner with my hand lifted 90 degrees like this. Farting is not allowed during the body scan or some results may not be accurate.

If not for the nasi lemak I took few minutes earlier, I would have weighed 66.3kg, instead of 66.5kg. Ahahaha…

My result. Fortunately, fart level = 0%.

This was the first time I did such a body composition scan. I was surprised how easy it was to get a quick glance at my body fat composition using the machine. For those of you who wanted to start some kind of guided fitness training, I would highly recommend you to contact Ian by visiting his website here. You surely can benefit many things.

Oh yeah, how many of you noticed that my body age is at 28? It’s proven that healthy living style can bring you younger.

I should celebrate a new birthday, shouldn’t I?

P/s: Aiyo... I still owe you with Nuang stories below... Come again some other times ya! Sorry.


naznaz said...

nik! pacat pictures?? ewwww

amsyah said...

bro, sorry again for arriving so bloody late that morning. I'll make it up to you guys this weekend...

nuang peak buleh deh?

CheRaMicHe said...

glad u guys enjoy this trail. well, it just a strategy u know. let u guys enjoy this week's trail, and face gruesome hike this week, so, ada berani? hehe..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yes, itu ialah pacat yang kekenyangan. Tak penah tengok ke?

No worries la bro.
Nuang Peak eh this weekend? Hmmm... lazatttt..

Aaahh.. a strategy ye. Ok, ok, i get it. But, it was fun though.

Anonymous said...

I cant keep up with guys, for sure. Sekarang ni belum recover since Sunday's run.


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oh Kash, you surely can.

Happy recovering.

CheRaMicHe said...

kash, x cukup la GBS nanti kalu u x datang.. hehe..

Din said...

Rugi kawe. Tapi pagi tu meme tok cekak nok bangung. Bilo hok next one?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Dr. Din,
Next one is this Sunday, Gunung Nuang naik sampai puncak.

The Corporate Athlete said...

hehheh ... great pics! you are now our official photographer :)
See you in Nuang this Sunday!

Life a Shaq said...

having great fun at cheramiche trail, got to prepare for nuang, quite gruesome hike will be

Din said...


Off late ni busy berdo'oh. Weekend ni gi Saboh pulok. Ado conference. Hati meme malah nok gi Saboh.