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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Newton 25km Run

I've been quite occupied with work this past week that I find it difficult to find free time to start writing about it. I may have forgotten lots of things I initially wanted to share. But, better late than never, right?

Anyway, after spending quite some times slowing down during the fasting month, Newton 25km challenge was one event that I planned to do, mainly, and honestly speaking, just so I can get the 2XU compression socks.

Of course, since it was a run race, my other goal was to finish it. And this time I was glad that I set the right goal that best suited my current condition. I just wanted to enjoy the journey and cross the finish line. No time limit.

On that beautiful last Sunday morning, many gathered around Bandar Kinrara. Many came early so that we can perform Subuh prayer at the nearby mosque before the 25km race starts at 6.30am. I met few familiar faces, and my hunting session was officially launched.

L-R: Ray-mau (rimau) Malaya, Zack Yui Chong Abdullah and SyahSully a.k.a Speedy GonSyahlez.

Deo (left), and my CamelBak partner of the day, Shuk Poco-poco.

Dett in orange vest.
(Bro, blog pondok tanduk kau tu baik kau wakafkan ajelah).

The atmosphere that morning was superb. It was like a big gathering among runners and triathletes. I was at the very back of the starting line, busy looking for more 'victims' with my camera. We chatted among friends, and I didn't even realize when the race started. For what I know, the crowd slowly moved forward and only then I looked at my watch and it was already time to start the race, 6.30am.

Ijam stim teguk air ketum campur air herba MJ (Malam Jumaat). This might be one reason why he fainted at the end of the race. Obviously an overdose case.

Jaja (left) making a huge comeback for her final preparation for Desaru triathlon.
Day-O making a surprise comeback. Nice to see you again!
Ijam and Ziff menyebok nak enter frame in the background.

It took me nearly two minutes to get over to the timing mat, and started running. We were still busy chatting among us during the first few hundred meters. Many of the RBU were starting from the back, except for one or two that we can't locate.

KA, we miss your hair lah dude!

SyahSully masih malu-malu nak bukak enjin turbo dia walaupun Shuk dah cucuk dia banyak kali.
Dett dah bukak antena GPS dia kat kepala tu. “Takut sesat” katanya.

Out of a sudden there was a running groom in full Baju Melayu suit passing us. He blasted his way to the front and I gave chase to take another shot from in front. At the end, the photo was so blur and my heart rate went over the roof. Wasted.

KA telling Stupe and his wife to slow down a little bit.

“Walaupun rupamu tidak ku kenal, tetapi lobang hidungmu tetap menjadi poojaaaan hatiku...”

For the first few clicks, running still felt effortless. The large crowd from front till the back was filing up the whole two lanes of the road. As we went up the few initial inclinations, the crowds slowly get spreaded out.

We practically stopped running to get this shot of Shuk and the infamous Kak Jenap from Singapore.

The first 'nice' view of the day.

Nothing much I can say about the first portion of the run, other than my eyes were busy tracking for familiar faces to capture before I made the first turnaround. It was fun to be seeing the fast runners on the opposite side after they've made their turnarounds. At least, it distracted my focus towards the many climbs we have to do. And after I made my turnaround, the joy continued when seeing more friends on the other side of the road.

Sofian, who is showing a tremendous improvement in his running speed. PB upon PB in each run he did.

I finally get a glitch of where Ian was.. faaaaar away in front of everybody else. And he was looking strong.

“Nak pergi mana tu bang? Kejar pengantin perempuan ke?”
Since I missed the first opportunity at the starting line, I didn't mind spending 30 seconds standing there to make sure I get this much better shot of Yim.

Sama hensem, sama laju, sama padan.
Siap main gosok-gosok bahu lagi tu... awwww.

“Shuk, salah bearing tu. Orang lari ke depan la, bukan ke tepi!”

Kam, in green. Looking good there.

Pui San, the only female mileage-machosist we have here in Malaysia running in skirt.
(Another contributing factor to why Ijam fainted at the end of the race).

Jaja sedang melakukan salah satu gaya tarian lilin invisible.
Day-O tumpang glamer kat belakang sambil tersengih.

Nana doing final preparation for her debut 42km run in Melbourne next week. Good luck ya!
(Ijam dah start pening-pening nak pitam bila nampak Nana, tapi masih boleh bertahan).

“Ok, tadi siapa yang kentut bau petai angkat tangan!!”

I was playing the shooting game with Stupe.
I lost, he won.

Azly (bandit) and Mejar Kalam enjoying the stroll on the hills.

“Eh Nik, seluar kau tak zip tu!”, TSB pointed out to me.
TSB, walaupun rupamu tidak ku kenal, tetapi misai lebatmu tetap menjadi poojaaan hatiku.

Ray promoting his brand new perfume – “One Drop of Ketiak Perfume”.

I also saw one guy attempting the 25km hilly route while pushing the stroller. What a good way for a family outing.

The start of the heat torture has finally begun.

The excitement of the first half of the run slowly faded away when there were no more runners on the opposite side of the road for me to hunt (with my camera). After passing through few water stations where I didn't even bothered to stop as I carried my own hydration system this time, the journey towards the second turnaround point was indeed far, and dull. Turns after turns after turns, and with no distance markers in sight, I took on the plodding act while baking myself under the heat of the sun. I was already running by myself long time ago after Shuk smoked me even before the first turnaround.

The only other source of entertainment was the breathtaking view of the rolling route from afar.

The level of heat was also increasing as the time flew by. More and more slow runners like me succumbed under the heat and started the run-walk-run game. Although I wore my cap and shades, and carried my own hydration system, the heat never leave anyone out of the challenge. I carried on, with whatever will I had. Luckily this time I didn't set any time target, hence I took it more as another long run training under the scorching heat.

Emma and Lydia overtook me at some point. During other races (especially triathlons), you won't see smiles on their faces while they were running. This time I was lucky I could even snap a photo of them side by side (although they zoomed pass me right after that).

Even Adeline invited me to follow her pace, but I had to refuse the offer.

I managed to snap ZulHassan the orang kuat.

Finally, I saw our own Speedy GonSyahlez blasting his way through other runners.

Hanchik was high on endorphin.
I guess he was mimicking our King Jelir lah.

Doris overtook me too.

As for me who was already suffering from low energy as I didn't carry or take any PowerBar gel since the start of the run (a mistake I made where I left them all in JB and didn't put more effort to buy new ones), the fight was not anymore with the hills we had to climb, but more about the strength to undertake the heat from top and bottom. I started to walk more than run. And I also started to stop at the water stations. Not for the water though, but for the ice. I chucked a handful of ice at each water stations and put them inside my top to cool myself down.

A combination of hills and heat turned runners into zombies.
Myself included.

And with wrong combination (or lacking) of proper nutrition, the number one enemy for runners started to pay their visits to the calves and quads.
Some runners started to stretch off their cramping muscles.

I even met one lady runner who passed out and had to be carried back inside the ambulance.

At the final couple of clicks, I saw Dannie who already finished his own 25km run, and came to this junction to volunteer as a traffic controller.
Thanks a lot Dannie.

My battle slowly coming to an end when I saw more and more runners who have already finished with their runs sat by the roadside. My finish this time didn't have any drama involved and my 25km run that day ended in 3hr8min.

And being able to do a second time back-to-back long runs weekend, was the bonus of the day. I knew I can't push anything harder with the amount (the lack of it) of training I made for this event. But it was OK. I still felt satisfied, especially when I was handed the finisher's medal by surprise.

Photo session with some of my JB training buddies who came to participate too.

Out of a sudden I met Syed with some of his friends.
He said he cramped up and only managed to clock 2h47m (or something spanking fast like that lah).
I don't know what if he didn't get the cramps. Sure naik podium nih.

I sat down at the medic tent for a while, besides the runner who passed out earlier. I attended to my hurting knees with ice just to ease the pain off. Not long after, I went out searching for more familiar faces but to no avail. They definitely have finished long time ago. I then made my way home with the air-condition in full blast and a plan for a couple of trips to open houses for post-race run.

Another new addition in my collection box. Nice.

P/s: I don't know about you, but I honestly think this is the most 'no-feeling' race report I've ever written so far. My apology.
Inilah akibatnya bila cerita sensasi dibiarkan basi.
Yeah, I have my busy work schedule to blame.


amsyah said...

no. 1? yeahooo.... ok, now boleh baca blog

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Suke la tu!

June Malik said...

aaa syah menang! anyway i love the photo captions esp the gesek2 bahu LOL and i am so glad i didnt sign up for this, memang jalan all the way hihihi ..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I'm running out of idea dah.
Started writing the first portion of this entry on the bus on Friday, then only continued writing the 2nd portion last nite.

IJAM said...

bestlah ramai aweks and amois!!...err..nanti jgn lupa kenalkan...i malu...!!..
it could be me..yang naik ambulan tu...huhu...
Congratulations nik, completing 25km ammah hills...!!...

IJAM said...

aku rasa nak pengsan lagi sekali la tengok ramai amoi kat blog kau...

rusfarizal rusli said...

congrats..amik picture amoi & chicks banyak..kekekek

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

U malu, u rugi! Ngeh ngeh ngeh.
P/s: kalau mcm tahun2 lepas... kat Genting Trailblazer tu lagi ramai amoi tau. Harap2 kau pengsan lagi sekali, this time before the race.
Ajak Ray pengsan berjemaah dgn kau, lagi bagus.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

They are all my friends lah.
I think these cover almost 60% of local athletes that i know since my involvement.
Ramai lagi yg belum berkenalan.

Yimster said...

Yay ada gambar belakang saya! Tahniah sebab berjaya amik gambar tu!

Dancing Ciken said...

isk tak dapat 1st!

ye ler, hatiku tak kembang kuncup membacanya :p

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Ye la, gambar dari depan dah ramai photographer lain ambik.

Ye la.. sbb awak kembang idung lepas dapat medal Desaru kan...? hehe.

ziff71 said...

fuhh, bestnye banyak betul gambar aweks! Ijam, tu ler ko, nak merempit ajer, patut follow Nik tu ha hehehe

RaYzeef said...

wah KA pakai bedak sebelum lari rupanya..patut berseri-seri..hi hi

Nik, jgn harap ijam nak pengsan lagi, aku akan pastikan! kalau dia pengsan lagi aku yg pertama mandikan lumpur..he he

Khairul Anuar said...

Terima kasih banyak2 for all the nice photos Puan Nik...ooopsss, Inche Nik! Sori....ahaks!
Belum basi la, we're all actually waiting for ur entry on Newton 25k. Since u took a lot of pic that day. Lagi lari dgn BelakangUnta...haha! Training tu!
Eh, we've never taken a photo together-gether ye? nanti wiken ye.
Ray, bedak? Tu belum pakai eyeliner dengan lipstick. Haha. Ijam koma terus!

Zack Yui said...

Dah tahu kelemahan team badut, diorang takleh tengok amoi, terus nak pengsan.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

We run for fitness, not for aweks ok.
(kes ni terkecuali pada Ijam la)

Lagi best kalau korang berdua pengsan berjemaah dalam lumpur terus. Takyah orang lain susah2 nak angkut baldi.

Ye la, how to take photos together, u always run far ahead of me.
I heard u r doing Newton 30km this Sunday? All the best ya!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Diorang saja nak buat alasan la tu.. in case team MacamBagus asapkan diorang sejak kilometer pertama.

IJAM said...

team badut tak mungkin pengsan la...(unless kalau kau bagi shanaz ke as a decoy..)maybe terpengaruh sikit la, ada rasa pening2 nak pengsan...tapi belum pengsan...

RaYzeef said...

ciss Zaki..kau belot rupanya..hi hi.. Nasib ada Ziff sbg back-up...

kena bawak minyak kapak 1 gelen ni! ijam jgn pensan, aku simbah minyak kapak:)

June Malik said...

kalau shanaz and doc pui san pegi, dua2 pakai skirt and suruh lompat2 sikit cheer, the rest of you guys can breathe easy, ijam gerenti pengsan, dengan harapan doc ps akan mengcheck dia lah tu hahaah .. sedih baca the excitement cos tak dpt join !!

shuklazim said...

those jb friends are so familiar, especially brader pakai baju powerbar. selalu nampak kalau lari kat kebun bunga.

Ms Road Runner said...

FINALLY!!! You've posted your entry on the Newton run :P Hehe... Thanks for taking the pic (since you were already on the other side :P) and thanks for the luck too! :) Going to need it a lot for this Sunday!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Being confident is ok, but being over confident itu marabahaya tau.

Bawak dua botol, satu utk ijam, satu utk kau.

Itu belum lagi diaorang tengok anak mami pakai skirt.. confirm koma 3 hari 3 malam.

Brader macho tu nama dia Tajudin. Mmg geng2 aku la tu. Sama2 lari kat kebun bunga, kayuh kat tmn impian emas, swim kat larkin pool.

Yes, finally.
I should reduce the amount of photos lah... leceh nak upload byk sgt.
Oh yeah, don't forget buah tangan from Melbourne ye. :)

IJAM said...

nik, jgn limitkan photo upload. tak mesra alam. apa yg penting, kesabaran tu penting....

p/S : aku bawak minyak jampi...cara halus pulak kena guna..

crushhio said...

on drop of ketiak perfume really mmenggeletek ketiak ku! LOL!