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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visiting A Chinese Tabib

Few months ago I realized that I kept on sneezing hard whenever I took the morning shower. Accompanying that sneezing would be plenty of mucus which I can’t help but to blow my nose to clear them off. And with excessive and continuous nose blowing, it somehow affected my inner right ear.

Upon visiting the doctor and after taking some anti-histamine and antibiotics for my ear, I’ve stopped sneezing during the morning shower. The mucus too has reduced so much that I need not blow my nose that often anymore.

That made me think I may have sinusitis.

Last night when I was wandering around to look for a new casual shoe (for the first time in my life, my shoe was stolen from the mosque), I went to see a traditional Chinese medical practitioner we here call tabib.

From the advertisement outside the door, this tabib claims he can help with sinusitis problems.

At least I have another reference to go if Western medical practitioners fail to help diagnose or cure any diseases I may have in the future.

So I went to see him, sat down and started to tell him about my based-on-real-story sinusitis drama. He then checked my eye balls, and also my pulses at both wrists. Here’s his conclusions:

Basically you have a strong body. Everything looks fine. But, your lungs are a bit weak. That’s why you started to feel sneezy when it is cold. It makes your nose a little bit sensitive too. But it’s ok. You have two choices now.

First, we have a special herbs medicine to strengthen your lungs. No worries, these are all from plants and herbs, not from animal extracts.

Your second option is to start doing more exercise lah. That will also make your lungs stronger.

Hmm, all this while I thought I’ve already done enough exercise (if not excessive).

Looks like it's time to shift into another gear! Vroom vroom…


Yimster said...

errr do more exercise? your exercises now are already more than the average person! i'd be a be skeptical with his recommendations but then again no harm trying the herbs I guess.

or maybe he meant lung exercises? swim more!!!

RaYzeef said...

yelah Nik..tabib tu lambong kau buat TNF Solo 100 next year tu..hi hi

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Itulah pasal.. luckily i was not wearing any finishers tee last night.
Next time i go visit him, i gantung 5 6 medal kat leher sebagai hint.. hehehe.
Yes i know. My goggles have not touched the pool water since before Raya.

Ntah2 tabib tu salah sorang peserta TNF100 solo haritu kot.. we never know.. right?

ian yusof said...

he's right. you need to do more exercise. and the only way for you to do it is to quit your job lah.

p/s - tabib tuh buat cerita dongeng jer...

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I quit my job, and become a tabib, is that what you meant?

Zack Yui said...

Apa salahnya, lu pon ada gaya jadik tabib.
Bapak Ray itu gayanya kepingin sekali mau bikin TNF...

Khairul Anuar said...

Hang jadi tabib, kitorang datang ramai2. Haha. Betul tu, pi buat sundown and then TNF solo. Nik buleyyy!

Zack, aku rasa Ray tu dah kena pacat tu. Hang jadi partner dia la no...

ian yusof said...

No, what I mean is that he quit his job so that he let you exercise so that later on, he can take over your job so that yim can tak over his tabib job, while the rest of the people can keep on exercising. get it? waitaminute, what's your job then? conpius conpius ...

Tabib Inc said...

Jumpa lagi ya? Jangan lupa gosok gigi tiap-tiap hari!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Kalau aku jadi tabib, sapa nak jadi tukang update blog ni?

Haha.. kalau aku jadi tabib, confirm korang sibuk sms kat aku mintak surat MC hari2.. betul tak?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I think my job is to tangkap ular sawa yg sedang mengular kat ofis... hahaha.

Inche Tabib,
Lorr.. semalam kan pesan suruh gosok gigi seminggu sekali je. Ni kenapa prescribe yg lain pulak ni?

ian yusof said...

run for yoouuurr lliiifffeeeeeeee!!!

ziff71 said...

hahahhaha, lawak lawak baca komen korang. Nik, lu jadi tabib tukang urut sekali ler, macam advert dlm surat khabar dulu gambar tabib pakai serban tgh cakap kat handphone hehhehe

RaYzeef said...

Cis ini rupanya kerja Zaki ya? patut la Library takde orang jaga, kesian Tabib nak pinjam buku otoromen tu..

KA pon dah lambong aku? KA jangan lupa pakai skirt naik GT nanti ya..he he

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aku tak pakai serban.. aku pakai topi Nike cap pasar malam je. Baru stylo!

Bukan buku otromen laa.. buku Doremon.

deo said...

Nik, tak amik gambar dalam bilik tabib ke? Ini pilleeyyy kaseh.... dalam bilik tabib takde misi ke?

Julin Julai said...

Ntah. Tabib tu tak nak amik gambar. Mentang2 la dia tak hensom.
Ke dia mintak royalti?

June Malik said...

ahahah kelakar lah u all .. Ian banyak kali menjenguk free lah ni! tabib tu jeles jer kot tenguk u macho?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Azrul Deo,
Alaa, gambar bisnes card dia tu dah mewakili gambar dia dan tiga misi-misi cun kat dalam bilik dia tu la..
Tak cukup ke?
(Gambar misi2 cun tu aku simpan sendiri sebagai tanda cenderahati la.. hihihi)

Tabib tu cakap dia allergic kat camera. Apa boleh buat.

Laughter is one of the best medicine.. right?

June Malik said...

yeah, it is :) and i love to laugh, so i am medicine to myself? right? hehe