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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Malakoff Run 2009

If I managed to carefully remember why I signed up for this run was, because the event took place relatively near to my house. The second main reason why I signed up was, to grab some additional ‘event mood’, as a preparation for a boost start for 2010 season. Without any races properly selected and scheduled throughout the months, one would easily get bitten by M bug again.

Where the event took place.

So, I signed up, and turned up at the event location with a peaceful feeling that I can run that 12km regardless of what the timing was going to be. However, it was something down there that was giving me a torture for the first most important half an hour timing window on that lovely Sunday morning.

I lost all the focus I needed for the run.

I even lost the mood to snap many photos that morning.

Well, to start off the story, I arrived at the equestrian resort 20 minutes before the gun off, after doing a 10 minutes warm up run from where I parked. It was still pitch dark, but so many runners were already there. Some rushed to the toilet, some just hang around with friends, while some were already at the starting line. In the havoc darkness, I managed to meet few friends I know, said hi and we shared good luck wishes with each other.

Bro Ayet and his buddies.

With Din and TSB.

No Kenyan runners this time. These runners were already standing at the start line half an hour before the start, or maybe earlier than that.

Managed to spot Shuk. He was already sweating out, indicating that he had done a good warm up. I lost him after the first 1 minute of the gun off.

I would say the organizer did a very well job, noticeably on the emcee part as the vibe of the race morning was kept high in the air with the continuous announcements made by her. The PA system was very good too, that I believe everyone in the 300m radius could hear her very clearly. Well done.

If I’m not mistaken, there were four portaloos, two for each gender, prepared for the runners. But the queue, OMG! I guess the organizer could do better in the future by doubling or tripling up the facility. Let say if on average one person spends 1 minute in the portaloo for a small leak, just imagine if you are at the back of the queue with 20 more runners in front. Can you wait?

10 minutes before gun off was where I started to feel the torture. There was something inside me that can’t wait any longer to get out.

Anyway, the count-down which then followed by the gun off was done right on time at 7am. Feeling very uncomfortable, I started my stopwatch as I stepped on the timing mat (we all had the timing chip strapped on our shoes for time recording) and began my run with the crowd.

The run route along that Jalan Beringin was about 30% ~ 40% hilly. Thank goodness for the few trail runs I did earlier, tackling the hills this time on the road was not that tough. At least that was what I feel, with my slow pace running.

As much as I wanted to make this 12km run a fast one, I can’t focus on my run for the first 20 minutes. With every few steps I took, I was praying that I can find a place to relieve. At one point, I almost wanted to just give up. It was painful. I’ve seen many runners took a small leak behind trees, or bushes, or behind bus stops during marathon, but for a big leak as was in my case, no, no, no. No bushes or trees can be my savior that morning. I need a proper toilet.

Only after 20 minutes running, I went to settle what I needed to settle the most. Thanks to the security guards at TM building alongside Bandar Damansara who allowed me to use their toilet. So, I lost a good 4 minutes there. Then after, I get back into the running, smiling this time.

Ok, now I can start to enjoy the run and start taking some photos, the two things I wanted to do that morning. Searching for the toilet was not supposed to be in the plan. But sometimes, shit happens to be forcing you into the state where even the strongest of all brain and body cannot control it any longer. You just need to let the shit it go.

Please pardon my language.

To cut story short, I was unable to run in my best mental state condition. So, I took it pretty leisurely and just log it as one of my LSD training. I did not go all out, but I still pushed up my pace once in a while, here and there.

“I like men chasing me”. Now, where can I find a tee that says “I don’t like to run, so stop chasing me!”?

I saw one uncle running shoe-less.

Thank you TM (where I spent 4 minutes settling my ‘business’).

Randomly shooting those running behind me.

If I’m the one who is pancit, who to call?

Checking my time as I passed through the first loop, I know I can just forget about my aim to clock sub 1 hour. Clocking a sub 1 hour means, I should maintain a running speed of 12km/hr, or pace-wise, I should maintain a 5min/km pace. I was half a minute pace slower than that. Argghh.. geramnya!!!

Tu la, sapa suruh malas buat interval training?

On the last biggest climb in the first loop, I even dropped to a walking pace for a while as I lost my breath. But, I made a promise to myself that I won’t walk again after that on the second loop, which I proudly managed to do.

The biggest climb of the day, where many had to surrender into walking.

As I reached the top, I took another shot while looking back at the long inclination I just ran up.

Getting back towards the equestrian club where the finishing line was, I had a second boost and started to makan sayur bayam sayur kangkung sayur kubis sayur bendi sayur timun sayur togeh another few runners. If only I can run that fast from the starting line all the way, sigh.

The view as I ran towards the finishing line.

Though I’m feeling shy to put up my unofficial timing here, but for the sake of logging my race, here’s my timing:

Total time including toilet break: 1h14m28s
Total time excluding toilet break: Should be around 1h10m, or faster (so I hope).

Anyway, this will be a new benchmark for myself. I want to be able to run faster than this though.

As usual, after the race is where we have the opportunity to meet and make new friends. I mingled around after collecting the medal and returning the race chip, chatting with friends and catching up on each other while taking more shots here and there. I was also proud that three of my ex-schoolmates joined the 7km run for their first time. Well done to them all. Join me in more race events in the future ya!

We used to share 2 years in our lifetime studying at the same place, back in 1994-1995.
We all managed to sedut perut for the photo shoot, except for that preggy mother. Kesian dia, ahahaha.

Very organized ‘one-way’ street done by the organizer. Starting with chip return and medal collection counter, to a fruit counter, to food counters and exit.

At one glance I thought we have to follow our categories to get the food, which was cool. But on a closer look, there were four menus combination that we can choose, double cool!

Azmar, AJ and Bacin.

The Chap Ayam Runners with their usual post-race gathering. Their numbers are growing big as we speak.

ShahM in the middle. Thanks for visiting my blog. And nice to meet you too.

As a short side note, I always and only consider my blog readers as blog readers and as friends, and never as blog stalkers or whatsoever which may hold some negative meanings. There was one occasion where I felt so much offended when I approached one blogger and introduced myself, and that blogger said “Hey, you stalk my blog ah?”. Anyway, it was an old story and I’m sure that does not represent all bloggers. So don’t worry, please do come and say hi to me if you happen to see me at any event. I would love to meet in person all my blog readers, as I’m sure there are plenty of things we can share and learn from each other.

I’m not sure whether I dislike putting high target to myself, or whether I dislike short distance running like this one (because I cannot run that fast). But, there was something bothering my mind with my poor performance last Sunday morning that I hammered myself hard on yesterday’s training with a 50 minutes fast running covering three big laps at Taman Kebun Bunga here in JB (should be at least 9.5km or so), followed by a 40 minutes swimming session.

Now I feel relieved and thus, managed to blog this up.

With the NB Pacesetters 30km run coming in fast, it’s time to clock more LSD runs. There’ll be only three weekends left.


KOOKY KASH said...

caya lah Nik! well done.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Thanks Kash.
Have a plan to do 20km LSD this weekend?
If yes, let me know. I don't like running LSD alone.

Life a Shaq said...

x sempat nak jumpa at Malakoff hari tu, LSD sounds fun, kabar kabar kan ler bila nak buat nanti

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I heard you turbo-ed the whole 12km, no? No wonder la I can't even smell your smoke. Well done bro!

Ok, insyaAllah kalau plan menjadi, we'll do a LSD run this weekend. Planning to do 20km, starting from Kiara park, via Hartamas, then u-turn at Masjid Wilayah.
Stay tuned for more info.

amsyah said...

well done Nik. apalah sangat timing tu, kalau di comparekan dengan pengalaman hahhaha

anyway, hello hello kalau LSD jadik this wiken, might want to join too

ShahM said...

I'm also got a "big one" at the last 4km to the finishing line. I had to lari kepit2x up and down hill macam-anak-dara for the sake to focus the energy inside. Fortunately, im able to hold it until i've arrived at my home..haha..
For me, no more lauk kenduri before the running event..

Anyway nice meeting u too..See u later at Padang Merbuk..;)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Betul jugak ek.
Tapi kalau ada pengalaman buat 'best time' tu.. it's such a bonus kan kan kan?

Aaah.. kira jadi lah 20km LSD this weekend. Cuma belum decide hari apa lagi nak run. Jumaat or Sabtu?

Shah Majid,
A coach friend of mine told me that even to handle 'the big business' during race day pun kena training dulu so that on the race day, tak perlu focus utk cari toilet and can run with free mind.
Nanti kalau ada masa i pegi berguru dengan this coach.

ziff71 said...

with your slow pace u overtook me at d acsending part of d first loop near john hancock!
It was an event i wish to forget. Struggling frm d word go, x sempat warm up n rushed to d starting point lepas seaching high n low around d club premise for a short que toilet for an emergency urge of 'panggilan pulau', which was of course an exercise of futility.
cant wait for d 20k NB pacesetters run. Insyaallah will say hi if i bump into u ind future

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Mr Ziff71,
Betul ke? u salah orang kot.. i mmg slow motion je. Maybe time tu ada terkena aura john hancock sikit kot.. itu pasal ter-overtake u tu.. :)
U also got the 'panggilan pulau' story?
I think those horses at the equestrian are still procrastinating up to this moment, "apa la manusia ni.. membuang di merata-rata tempat. tiada tata-susila langsung".. hahahaha.

jiha-run-for-life said...

wow the route sgt hilly.. but i like..hehe
actually mgkin level skrg u more to endurance..mcm aku la..lari bpe jauh pn x kisah tapi x laju..
nak improve speed sgt la susah sbb i malas nak buat speedwork..sgt penat ok..hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Mentang2 baru panjat Kinabalu, semua hills u like eh? hihiihi.
Maybe jugak kan. But then, how come some runner can do a 3 or 4 hrs marathon?
Speed work mmg penat, but once dah boleh lari with speed, memang nikmat!
BTW, bila mau turun Impian Emas lagi? Kroni2 berkayuh Rabu malam makin berkurangan ni... ayuh kita ramaikan balik.

ziff71 said...

hahaha, confirm lah it was u. Masa tu aku dah slow though baru ajer start hahaha.

Bab panggilan pulau ni, dah terkena masa mizuno run kat upm but since gun-off at 7.30, sempat ler settle d business kat masjid uniten and after that terus singgah 7-11 beli ubat senseh chu kui teck onn???. Yg malakoff run nie, i have settled d business be4 solat subuh kat masjid bkt damansara tu, tp kene gak...tension!!! Next time will take that 'supplement' after breakfast on d race day.

K3vski said...

Hehhe training can only help you so much. Bodily functions cannot be controlled. Need to visit toilet more than 1 time in the morning next time to be safe :)

Not a bad timing though.

ShahM said...

For my case, i did change my mindset to something nice/ it will distract the pain of holding the energy inside (pergh!!). Watching the runners attitude while they r running is one of the way.

Abis berguru..cepat2 la ajar kami ye.
May the Force be hold in our tummy..hehe

stuck said...

nicely written...with a great photos too...especially gambar tayar pancit hahaha lawak

i was there too (my pic was inside the chap ayam's pic u snapped)...i kinda like the hilly route

btw, used to read your comments in kaka haza's blog...just wanna say hi...tambah lg kawan2 runner :)


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah, definitely need to 'train' more on that aspect of body function.
Thanks, but i actually wanted to clock better time. Maybe next time.
So, when r u going to lend me your strong 4min/km running legs? :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Shah Majid,
Trust me, I've tried everything on earth in my mindset that morning, but still tak boleh tahaaaaannn....

Hi Fiza,
Thanks for dropping by.
From what i heard, runners from the Chap Ayam Runners group tu hebat2 belaka, bahkan ada yg selalu naik podium. Syabas, syabas. Keep it up.
I may not recognize u as yet, but next time when u overtake me during a run, berkokok lah ye.. err.. i mean, tegur2lah. :)

[ e v i l g e n i u s ] said...

hey, and no pics of me?

hahaha.. thanks for the ride back !

here's to 2010 !


KOOKY KASH said...

NIk, bawak bike balik nik. Boleh ride. Hehehe.
Saturday morning, LSD? Bleh lah. I need a slow long run.

Diket said...

Well done bro. Syabas. Lu hit 3 birds with one stone (morning errands, located new toilet & run 12k with awesome timing) :D

A few of us running Friday morning no more than 15k from Bkt Aman to Jln Duta or maye Double Hill. 6.30am flag-off. Jom2.

And if Sunday ada plan to cycle pls inform ok. Thx.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Sorry bro aku lupa nak snap photo.
Kita buat delayed photo shoot kat JB ajelah, amacam? ahaha.

OK set. LSD on Saturday morning it is. Will think of the start time, and will publish it on my text scroll soon.
My bike have to stay in JB at the moment, coz belum ada roof rack.

Burung ntah ke mana, apa ntah ke mana... hahaha. Run pun dah macam separuh hati je... jiwa kacau beb.. ahahah.
Aisey, got another LSD plan on Friday is it? Hmmm....
Join us on Saturday from Kiara la.. takde 'double hill'... "flat" aje.
Tak caya tanya Kash or Syah.. hehe.

shuklazim said...

nik, as always good report with nice photo. ekceli aku berpeluh sebab ke hulu ke hilir cari toilet...hehehe

LSD wiken ni tak leh join la bro. will be in pulau duyung, wiken new year bole, calling calling la yer

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Looks like many people had something to do with 'toilet' during this Malakoff Run. How coincidence.. hihi
It's ok, i know u'll be bringing along your running shoes to Pulau Duyung.
Eh.. since u r not around in KL this weekend... why not kitorang arrange for another Batu Dam trail run? ahahahahhahaha.....
Jangan marah bro... gurau2 aje..

tolldoll said...

hehe we both experienced the same situation... nasib baik mental kuat.

i saw a few tshirts that said "Running for Presidency next" which I think is cute.

and I think I saw you kat hujung2 time beratur ambik medal.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

I guess your mental lagi kuat, I totally had to surrender for a toilet break during the run.
I was also busy looking out for friends after the run, but tak ramai yg jumpa... takpe, till next time. :)

Diket said...

Bro, thx tapi I'll be in PD on Saturday. That's why I have to run on Friday but I'll be bringing my rubbers to PD :). Enjoy your LSD guys.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Oo.. ok ok. Enjoy your rubbers moment in PD.
(eh, mcm ada double meaning je ni)

ShahM said...

Off topix jap..
Just recently learn, in USA if u say rubber as a product meaning its a condom..
Betulke bro Nik?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Syyyy.. jgn cakap kuat2....

Che said...

haha.. enjoy reading your post. baru hari ni dapat baca daa..

btw, i think a good bf should help avoiding 'panggilan pulau' issue.. dont u think so?

nak join LSD boleh? dont leave me too far behind lah ek?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Lama 'off-line' eh?
Maybe, what u eat and when u eat are the key factors.
Jom join us for LSD. This weekend maybe will start from Padang Merbok, awaiting confirmation from Kash's arrangement.