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Friday, December 4, 2009

My Prep for Salomon X-trail

This Sunday morning is going to be another shoot n’ run event for me, at the Salomon X-trail run at Kiara park.

No, no. I don’t shoot with a gun. I shoot with a digital camera. And I really hope the weather will be on my side.

So, after a long break from participating in any events since Desaru Long Distance triathlon (Genting Trailblazer not included, as I pirated it), it’s now time for me to get back into a race mode.

Time is not on my side this whole week, so this one is going to be summarized. Let’s see how much I’ve prepared for Salomon X-trail run (in random order):

1) Ran up and down stadium stairs for 5 sessions. Three times last week, twice this week. I’ve lost count of the number of steps I made. All the sessions were tough, for me at least. I was out of breath, many times.

2) Did two LSD runs. One 16km Kiara-Hartamas-Kiara with three other runners last two weeks, and another solo run of 14km (or so) by Beserah-Pantai Balok beaches in Kuantan during Raya Haji holiday.

3) The Kiara X-trail run which I did with 9 more runners as reported here, can be considered as a “rehearsal” for Salomon run, though we didn’t run the actual course.

4) Bought 10 sachets of ORS to be consumed starting from tonight until race morning. And one sachet of Powerbar gel for energy booster during the race. I still need to grab few bottles of Gatorade for my hydration fuel belt.

5) Two pairs of fully charged battery for the camera are ready. I’ve also emptied the SD memory card. The gun is loaded and ready to shoot.

6) I still need to trim my toe nails. Don’t want to suffer during the downhills.

7) Running attires and trail shoes and gloves are already in the bags. Clean and fresh, ready for another muddy adventure.

8) OK, I guess I’m ready for another FUN time at Kiara trail.

"Wake up, wake up. It’s time to roll out!"

To those who are also participating, ayuh kita kasi gegar sama itu Salomon X-trail!!!

Cheh, poyo.


Diket said...

You sounded like u're on a mission. All the best bro. May the force be with you :)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yeah yeah, mission to take photos, collect the Salomon t-shirt and pouch, and to enjoy the free drinks and fruits upon crossing the finish line.

I still need to set up the Richter scale though, takut kau bikin gegar lebih2 sgt.. hahaha.

Fong said...

Good Luck !!! all d best =)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

And good luck to u too!

CheRaMicHe said...

see u this sunday bro! thanks again for your help. nak kena lari dekat2 u ni baru la dpt gmbr in-action kan? hehe :P

GBS awesome!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

No worries.
Yes, lari dekat2 dgn i from starting. But, bila dah nak sampai finish line, let me pass through first ok! hehehe.
C ya!

Life a Shaq said...

wow, persiapan untuk berperang pun ajer bunyinyer..

Diket said...

The only gegaran you'll feel is my roaring heartbeat which should bunyi macam kompang...pom! pom! pom! Hahaha.

Good luck to Che & Fong also.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yup, berperang dgn diri sendiri.
Good luck n all d best for ur 21km run @ S'pore marathon ok!

Bunyi roaring heartbeat takpe, asalkan bukan bunyi roaring of "something else" yg diiringi dgn bau yg tidak disenangi oleh runners di belakang... Hehehe.

amsyah said...

waaa berdentum dentam bunyi mercun geng GBS ke Salomon! caya laaa, kalau tanak orang follow dekat kat belakang, tahu la apa senjata nak pakai...

All the best Nik, Che, Shuk, Diket (and Fong, Doris, Ming etc), jangan berenti amik gambar banyak sangat udah lee

niefeng said...

tahniah nikk
post race gambar blum update lagi ke

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Tahniah to u too Pesa.
Post race report n photos coming up soon... (paling cepat pun malam ni)