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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


It has been 365 days since I last wrote here. In all honesty, there were few times I wanted to resume writing (more like rambling) but just after jotting down the third sentence, my fingers froze.

In the past year…

I managed to change my job. Big yeay because I now no more need to spend hours upon hours on a weekend at the golf course hitting that small little ball. It was enjoyable to a certain extent, but I would rather spend that time for family or running.

With the new job change, I was sent to Houston for two about months to undergo technical training. I went there with only one luggage, but brought back two luggage… as well as 6kg additional weight around my waistline. That additional 6kg gained in two months is so hard to get rid of, even until now. I still have 3kg to go. Aduhai…

Sports wise, I don’t want to put so much hope for this year. Good enough if I can participate in one marathon event this year. Triathlon-ing seems very vague for the time being, similar to what happened for the last two years (gosh, I miss doing triathlon so bad). I simply don’t have the luxury of time to do all swim/bike/run.

And… I miss blogging so much.
Call me lame, but I do miss the social interaction (reading and commenting) via blog. Now, not many friends are still actively blogging. I guess I have to accept the fact that FB has taken the lime light of what blogging platform used to offer.

I better stop now, I’m starting to ramble nonsense.