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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I hate exams.

Since I graduated with a bachelor degree, few people had been asking me why don't I further my study to get a Masters degree, or PhD. My answer to them are always the same - I hate exams.

Well, last Friday was the last day of my job training here in Scotland. As usual, a final exam will be at the very ending of the overall course. Cut long story short, we had to sit for a final exam. I thought it was going to be an open book kind of exam, but it was not. Double the hate-ness.

There were 150 multiple choice questions which included a few fill-in-the-blanks type of questions, to be answered within ermm... 4 hours I guess. We started at 8.30am, and by 11.30am I could not think anymore. Just hantam-whateva on the few questions I totally have no clue, and submitted my answers.

At the end, I passed.

It's not that I don't like to learn new knowledge, it's just that I dislike exams. I had a kind of trauma when I did my final year exam during my bachelor degree and I do not want to get partially insane again trying to memorize all these theories, formulas and 'magic' numbers associated with particular subjects being tested or examined.

The next thing I realize now is that I got some additional knowledge and it has somehow became my responsibility to share my knowledge with the others back home.

Well, life goes on... I mean, work goes on.

Apa aku mengarut ni???

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Desaru Long Distance Triathlon just finished last weekend, and I was not able to participate. I was not even able to go there to watch other triathletes compete. Now, most of them have updated their blogs, mentioning about their results and all other happenings during the race. And the most I could do is to read their blogs. Jeles betul...

Well, nothing much happened (I meant, I did not do anything physically beneficial)since the last time I blog. Nothing much can be done here other than working and doing homeworks from my training classroom. Takpelah, another week to go.

The thing is, by now I think my fitness level has gone back to zero. Nak jalan laju sikit pun dah rasa tercungap-cungap. Tambahan lagi, cuaca kat Scotland masih agak sejuk walaupun musim panas, maka aku berpeluh pun tidak.

Upon returning to Malaysia by the end of this month, dah masuk bulan Ramadhan pulak. Lesser chance to do fitness training. Hmmm, don't know lah.

Time to continue with my reading, and more reading, and lotsa reading, and finishing up my never ending homework...

Tonight at 12midnite, I got to join a tele-conference between Malaysia, UK and USA. Gosh, pukul barapa nak tido ni...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Am I out?

Folks, PD triathlon's result is out. Find out about it more here.

Here's a quick snapshot of where I'm at inside the report.

The interpretation of the results:

1.5km Swim + T1 = 41m48s (Kalau pro-triathlete berenang backwards pun lagi laju)
40km Bike + T2 = 1hr26m23s (Boleh la at this moment, but I should improve on this)
10km Run = 1hr14m59s (Oh gosh, did I run or did I crawl?)

Total time = 3hr 23m 10s (Exactly same as what I recorded with my Timex watch)

101 participated in the Men 16-29 age group, and I got positioned at number 95. Hmm, 95 out of 101.

The good thing is, I completed my first olympic distance triathlon. Getting good position in the race was not my goal. My goal was just to compete and to complete.

That also means, I got lots to improve on. Definitely I need to put extra training hours and mileage on my swim and my run.

Sounds like it won't be just about completing a triathlon in the future events, will it? But hey, there's also nothing wrong in improving oneself's performance, right?

I'm slowing down a bit on my fitness training now. Not because I got demotivated with the PD results, but more because of my busy career life now with all this oversea training and business trip.

I'll be back, insyaAllah.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Senai to Montrose

Some of the beautiful coast line sceneries that I managed to capture with my not-so-canggih camera from inside the train when I was returning from work yesterday. The weather was nice, clear blue sky, though the temperature was slightly chilly. I was amazed to see with my own eyes such a beautiful masterpiece, breathless. SubhanAllah, Maha Suci Allah.

Very beatiful, isn't it?

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys that I'm now in Scotland. The pictures above are the eastern coast line of a place nearby Aberdeen called Montrose, where I will be spending my next 2 weeks having training.

Mind you, this is not for triathlon training. This is for job training.

P/s: Kalau tak buat disclaimer macam ni nanti kang ada 'seseorang itu' cakap aku buat secret triathlon training kat oversea pulak...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Desaru - forget it!

Looks like I have to forget about Desaru triathlon event this year.

Lack of training + lack of confidence = jangan gali kubur sendiri in triathlon event.

Better safe than sorry.

Well, kalau panjang umur, I'll be there for Desaru 2009, insyaAllah.