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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I hate exams.

Since I graduated with a bachelor degree, few people had been asking me why don't I further my study to get a Masters degree, or PhD. My answer to them are always the same - I hate exams.

Well, last Friday was the last day of my job training here in Scotland. As usual, a final exam will be at the very ending of the overall course. Cut long story short, we had to sit for a final exam. I thought it was going to be an open book kind of exam, but it was not. Double the hate-ness.

There were 150 multiple choice questions which included a few fill-in-the-blanks type of questions, to be answered within ermm... 4 hours I guess. We started at 8.30am, and by 11.30am I could not think anymore. Just hantam-whateva on the few questions I totally have no clue, and submitted my answers.

At the end, I passed.

It's not that I don't like to learn new knowledge, it's just that I dislike exams. I had a kind of trauma when I did my final year exam during my bachelor degree and I do not want to get partially insane again trying to memorize all these theories, formulas and 'magic' numbers associated with particular subjects being tested or examined.

The next thing I realize now is that I got some additional knowledge and it has somehow became my responsibility to share my knowledge with the others back home.

Well, life goes on... I mean, work goes on.

Apa aku mengarut ni???


fajar said...

i used to answer some unexpected question. and most of it, things that i didn't know or learn at all!

now, i feel really bad, since i supposed to answer those question - based on their expectation from phd student.

[i] said...

thats the sign of the new ceo at halli. ko still hutang aku kem salam kat 'gong' hahahhah

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Do u want to go back and re-do your SPM by the way? No matter what, I won't! Hehe..

Ko bagi la dia no tepon aku, senang dia nak kontek aku.. muaahaha..

sal1506 said...

kalau keja gomen, tiap2 kali mau naik pangkat kena amik peksa tau... kalau tak lulus, kena amik lagi dan lagi dan lagi, unless ko nak keja jd kuli cabuk sampai ke pencen...