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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Am I out?

Folks, PD triathlon's result is out. Find out about it more here.

Here's a quick snapshot of where I'm at inside the report.

The interpretation of the results:

1.5km Swim + T1 = 41m48s (Kalau pro-triathlete berenang backwards pun lagi laju)
40km Bike + T2 = 1hr26m23s (Boleh la at this moment, but I should improve on this)
10km Run = 1hr14m59s (Oh gosh, did I run or did I crawl?)

Total time = 3hr 23m 10s (Exactly same as what I recorded with my Timex watch)

101 participated in the Men 16-29 age group, and I got positioned at number 95. Hmm, 95 out of 101.

The good thing is, I completed my first olympic distance triathlon. Getting good position in the race was not my goal. My goal was just to compete and to complete.

That also means, I got lots to improve on. Definitely I need to put extra training hours and mileage on my swim and my run.

Sounds like it won't be just about completing a triathlon in the future events, will it? But hey, there's also nothing wrong in improving oneself's performance, right?

I'm slowing down a bit on my fitness training now. Not because I got demotivated with the PD results, but more because of my busy career life now with all this oversea training and business trip.

I'll be back, insyaAllah.

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