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Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Senai to Montrose

Some of the beautiful coast line sceneries that I managed to capture with my not-so-canggih camera from inside the train when I was returning from work yesterday. The weather was nice, clear blue sky, though the temperature was slightly chilly. I was amazed to see with my own eyes such a beautiful masterpiece, breathless. SubhanAllah, Maha Suci Allah.

Very beatiful, isn't it?

Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys that I'm now in Scotland. The pictures above are the eastern coast line of a place nearby Aberdeen called Montrose, where I will be spending my next 2 weeks having training.

Mind you, this is not for triathlon training. This is for job training.

P/s: Kalau tak buat disclaimer macam ni nanti kang ada 'seseorang itu' cakap aku buat secret triathlon training kat oversea pulak...


[i] said...

enaikay, back on blogging?

apa pun, welcome back! :D

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

yup ihsan, blogging slowly n steadily..