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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gunung Nuang Run/Hike

Photos first, stories later.

I just returned back from work yesterday and I have more than 180 emails to read and analyze and do something and then feedback the emails. And I'm nowhere near finish yet. So, hope you enjoy the photos first, and I promise will come up with the stories once I got some more free time OK. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your patience.

Supposed to be a stretching session, but two of them did dancing session!

Started off with some light stretching.


Going to be used for the first time. Still neat and clean. Shop-smelly (bau kedai daa).

L-R: Shaqi, Daud (Che), Day-O, Ian, myself, Kash & Syah.
[Pre-run/hike photo]

A welcome note at the main entrace.

We began the journey with some brisk walking up the slopes.

When the sweat started to drench out.

Strong blogosthletes in action running up the slopes.

Kash ghost! Ahaha...

Our first breath-catcher quick break.

When running gets tough, you can still walk. No problemo.

At the end of the wide trail track, before we started off into the single trail track where the adventure gets better.

When we started going up rocks like this, I knew something was wrong.

Yup, we got lost in the jungle!

After some side-tracking, we get back to the actual trail by the pipe-line.

Some hiking actions.

More hiking actions.

We made a stop upon reaching the small water-gate for some breather, before continuing the journey to Lolo Camp site.

Quick break at the water-gate.

Reached Lolo camp site, at last!

It was tough even to get to this point. But I'm already having thoughts of going to the peak, some other times.

Group photo at Lolo camp site.

Day-O: "Don't shoot me!"

Strong legs.

Strong ladies. Salute!

I saw an orang asli gathering the rebung buluh.

On our way down, we saw these hard-core MTB-ers cycling up.

Been there, done a little bit of it, and will come here again to conquer more of it.

The 8 names we have to register before going up Gunung Nuang
(except the third name from bottom)

Post run/hike triple-decker sandwich breakfast was served by courtesy of Ian from Corporate Athlete's Fitness Kitchen.

Giving them the much deserved rest.

Eat, eat, eat. Talk, talk, talk. Laugh, laugh, laugh.

Talk, talk, talk. Laugh, laugh, laugh. Eat, eat, eat.

All tummies were filled up.

Post run/hike group photo.


amsyah said...

best.. thanks for the big pics...

naik to the peak ok? let me know

CheRaMicHe said...

nak join jugak kalu nak pg puncak :P
thanks for the pics nik! (dah grab some of them pun)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Let me do some secret training first before we attempt the peak together ok. Or else I won't be able to keep track with you. U were fast man!
Mujo tok ccabuk jatung kawe nok hambak demo lari ukah bukit hari tuh.

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Menuju puncak impian di hati,
Bersama rakan kita mendaki,
Pasti berjaya berlari bersuka riaaaa..

(modified from Akademi Fantasia's song.. ceh, sempat lagi tu)

The Corporate Athlete said...

great pics ....

I'm seriously thinking of doing the Nuang Peak in POR no. 3 which is next Sunday, 11 October. I think the entire distance is abt 20km. It will be a good distance especially for those who are attempting the 50km TNF.

whaysayyou? :)

the bait : hmmm ... lamb chops?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Since i do not register for TNF (The North Face run), can i just come for the lamb chops after u guys r done with the climb? Hihihi..

If i'm free on the date, insyaAllah i will join.

KOOKY KASH said...

Ian, this weekend I wont be able to make it for POR (ada half marathon to run), but next weekend, insyallah, boleh.

niefeng said...

ni sampai puncak ke tak ni??,

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Nope.. haritu lari + jalan sampai kem lolo aje lepas tu turun balik.