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Thursday, September 10, 2009

How do I look?

Some people are more concerned about how they appear on the outlook, on the physical body shape and size, regardless how fit or healthy they are, and regardless what they stuff inside the tummy.

Some are only obsessed with the numbers showing on the weighing scale, regardless how much or less cholesterol are building up in their arteries. They might choose certain diet programs, or might also sign up at those instant slimming centers. Some might end up being a runner just to maintain a good number on the weighing scale.

But I believe there are also some people who are more concerned with their fitness and health level, regardless how they look, and regardless how much they weigh.

I was once in the first category. I would feel good if I can keep using the pants or jeans which I’ve been using previously (size wise). I did a little bit of sports though during school. Mainly volleyball, as a mean of making full use of the evening hours, playing with friends, sweating myself out.

It has been 14 years since I left my school. Many of those occasions where we had gatherings, my ex-schoolmates would be comparing each others’ body sizes. How much each of us has ‘grew’ or ‘shrunk’ since we left the school. And I normally end up in the category of those who “did not change at all”.

Unfortunately, there’s no award for that category. Or else I would work harder to be at the top of the list, and hold the title for as long as I could.

I know I have lost few kilos since I actively involved in multisport. At one point, almost everybody who occasionally sees me will give a comment that I looked thinner or getting too thin. I see myself everyday, so I don’t notice if there’s any change.

Hmm. That makes me wonder. I do not keep many photos of myself along the way, and I can’t tell how much I have shrunk, or gained. So I went on searching on how do I look externally, with respect to my Body Mass Index (BMI).

Click here for some article, and here to check your own BMI

My BMI is at 21~22.
Glad to be in the normal weight grouping.

Does it makes me look, too thin?

I feel like I’m in the ”yang sedang-sedang aja” category, don’t you think so?


deejay said...

Aku rasa ko makin mengecut... hahaha..
Aku makin mengembang, tp berusaha nak mengecut balik..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aku makin mengecut?
Hmm, bulan mengambang akan datang, aku akan cuba makan macam dinasour supaya aku pun kembang.. ahaha.

deejay said...

x pe2.. nanti aku carik gambo2 lama.. tgk ko mengecut ke, sedang2 saja...
Kalau nak banding aku dulu ngan skrg mmg aku berisi.. tp berisi muscle

Anonymous said...

Nik, if you've been big like me, you'll always feel big. I have this disorder call body dismorphic, which is eckeli not so bad coz it keeps me conscious of my weight. hehehe. Anyway, you are much leaner in person.

And that qunuut video, my kids punya suka sampai hafal dah dialog dia!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Muscle apa yg besar sgt kat perut tu? Hehehe.

U said u r big? Hmm, many other ladies/moms are jealous with your figure, if u r not aware of that.
(don't ask me how do i know this.. hahaha)

Hahaha.. that gunuut video is awesomely funny nak mampus.. sapa yg tak tergelak mmg psycho! Hope i can upload it on this blog soon.

captain_zed said...

adakah sudah slim seperti saya?? **pose depan cermin sambil gigit epal..

Adzimi said...

I think you look more toned compared to during school days lah. Memang nampak ala2 ironman. Size wise you are still the same. If there is such award when comparing against school days, i think you would be a front runner for sure. Anybody who could maintain their youthfulness and fitness like when they are in the teens definitely deserve the award!

The Corporate Athlete said...

you have an athletic look.

You add some muscles and you look like a mafia .. :)

mafia vs. athlete? hmmm, let's go with mafia.

deejay said...

bro.. kat perut tu muscle rectus abdominoroinus...
hahahahaha... :p

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

No no no, i won't be able to become slimriver like u. unless if i don't eat for the whole month, maybe boleh jadi la.

Gigit epal takpe, jgn gigit DSLR punya lense.

Nampak mcm ala2 ironman? Ish, takleh jadi ni.. ni mmg betul2 kena buat Ironman ni.. hehe.

Mafia better, or yakuza better?
I think you look better. Hehehe.

Itu nama muscle ke, nama dinasour?