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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bike - Day 7

I don’t really know what I am doing now, but yesterday I registered myself for the 27 miles (43.5km) which is going to be held next Saturday. It’s a kind of charity rides plus they also arranged a race event simultaneously for those race-maniacs. So, can I do the 43km? Of course I can because I’ve registered myself for it. But, CAN I FINISH IT?

This is a tough question for me at this moment. Based on my daily cycling routine, I am still far from reaching 43km. Though I have the not-so-detail-map, I have not much clue yet of how the fun ride route is. Hilly? Flat? I hope there will not be so much of hilly roads. And since the ride starts at 8am, hopefully there will be no headwind in the morning.

However, being registered for the ride gave me extra inner strength to prove to myself that I can go further. I am happy with my ride yesterday. I took the same route on the way to the pit stop, only this time I took the longer way back home. It gave me a little bit of extra mileage. You can see how much headwind could affect your speed. The headwind was not as strong as the day before, allowing me to push slightly faster. Notice the higher average speed? Here’s the result.

Result of Day 7 (Friday)
Distance: 22.7km
Time: 51 min
V Max.: 40.8km/h
V Ave.: 26.7km/h

Yeay! I’ve passed the 20km barrier after 7th cycling day. It’s a big achievement for a small beginner like me. Next target, I want to pass the 1hour cycling time barrier. Sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit. Future target, break the sound barrier... muahahahaa.


bola2api said...

wey.. target paling cikai for 43km ride is 2 hrs, OK? kalo kau exceed 2 jam, kau sedekah jer lah jersey tu kat aku HAHAHHAHAHAHA

EnAikAY said...

Aku dah agak dah, mesti ada org yg jeles tahap cipan.. muahahaha.

bola2api said...

weh.. cat beskal aku dah tercalar!!!

kau nak beli tak? aku kasik discount.. buleh la aku guna duit tu beli cervelo satu hehehe

EnAikAY said...

apasal calar? kau jatuh ke? dah tercalar baru nak jual.. ikhlas ke tak ni? hehe. and since cat beskal kau dah tercalar, baik kau pegi beli sticker cervelo.. kasi tampal sama itu "Dino-cervelo".. muahahaha