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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bike - Day 11

My morale is low and going down now.

What can I expect after 11 days cycling? Am I expecting too much from myself? I think so.

Ironically, I was talking with my good friend about how bad an “over-expectation” can do to one self, especially in a relationship. Expectation is good at certain limit, and when it’s over the limit it will start to harm our mental or feeling. Imagine parents expecting too much from their children’s education, and imagine a husband expecting too much from the wife, or vice versa. Relationship may be at a risk.

But, what if you expect so much from yourself? What damage might it cause?

I almost cancelled my cycling today. In the office at 3pm, I was thinking whether should I rest or should I cycle today. If according to plan, I should train from Monday till Thursday, and then rest on Friday to be ready for Saturday morning fun ride. The mental-war has started. Not wanting to loose to negative thoughts in the brain, I opened up mapmyride website, tried to look for another route nearby my apartment. Being forced by my own self expectation, I was thinking to push harder and faster and further. I found a 25km route and I told myself, "Just Belasah It!!"

But, my physical ability hasn’t reached that high level yet. So, at last I have to surrender with only 19.2km today. The effect, now I have less confidence in myself to do the 43km fun ride as compared to when I registered for it. A friend told me to just enjoy the ride and just finish it.

But, I want more than “just finish it” thingy. I want to become faster. At the end, I think in making the best self expectation, one should balance between target and capability. That means more training for sure.

Result of Day 11 (Wednesday)
Distance: 19.2km
Time: 43 min
V Max.: 45.8km/h
V Ave.: 26.4km/h

I hope my Discovery Channel jersey can help make my bicycle go faster. Kalau sehelai jersey tak cukup power, nanti aku pakai 3 helai jersey sekaligus baru dia tau... hahaha


fajar said...

waduh, ada 3 jersi discovery channel tu! bak mai satu. ada ke nak pakai 3 sekaligus. hehehehe

EnAikAY said...

mana ada 3 helai, at this moment ada sehelai je. ni je la modal yg aku ada. hopefully lepas ni ada orang boleh sponsor aku jersey free... hehe. aini, r u interested to be my sponsor?

bola2api said...

wey.. ada gak for cycling.. enjoy.. aku pun tak tengok lagi hehe