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Monday, July 16, 2007

My rides on Day 1, 2 & 3

Last week, I managed to borrow a very old ride bike. It’s a 1978’s Fuji! I told my boss that I wanted to join a 27miles fun ride, so he happily lent me that bike which he doesn’t use anymore. I am much happier that he is, I got a bike, woohooo!

On last Tuesday (Day 0), I started my very first ride. Prior to that, I need to buy some basic stuff for the bike and for my ride like a helmet, gloves, speedometer & water bottle. With a very strong spirit (but very weak leg muscles) I rode my way down the road. At first, the speedometer was not functioning for i-don’t-know-what’s-the-reason. Punya penat kayuh laju-laju, meter tak jalan. I was a bit disappointed. At the pit stop, I godek-godek that speedometer, opened up the battery cover and put it back. And out of a sudden voilla, it worked! Then I cycled back to apartment with smiling face. “Okay, that was a good warm up”, I said to myself.

The next day (Day 1), I tried a different route. Further than Day 0 route. Speedometer was running good, legs were full with motivation. The sun was so hot on that day. I targeted to make a pit stop under a flyover bridge located not so far so that I can get some shades from the burning sun. then, I cycled back to my apartment from the pit stop, but this time the energy level was already below zero. In addition, there’s a hill I need to climb before I reached home. Tried my best, keeping in mind only one thing; “Biar kayuh slow asal tak turun beskal”. With that, here is the result of Day 1:
Distance: 14.3km
Time: 34 min
V Max.: 42km/h
V Ave.: 25km/h

On Day 2 (Thursday) , I took another different route which gave me slightly further distance from the day before. With the help of Powerbar (yummy), I managed to do better:
Distance: 17.5km
Time: 40 min
V Max.: 45.8km/h
V Ave.: 25.9km/h

Result of Day 3 (Friday):
Distance: 19.2km
Time: 43 min
V Max.: 41.4km/h
V Ave.: 26.4km/h

I’m too tired to write long for my Day 3, sorry.
I treated myself with a very good rest on Saturday and Sunday, enjoying Harry Potter & Transformers (again) at the movie, and blogging!

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