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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Something about deejay...

Have you ever wake up as early as 4.30am in the morning, and drive to your work place, then at 6am sharp you start talking by yourself in front of the microphone, with a big headset hanging on your head, and you keep on making jokes upon jokes while playing the songs, and answering phone calls, then talk and talk again until the clock shows 10am? Plus, can you do it everyday from Monday to Friday???

Difficult to imagine, huh?

When I was young, I used to listen to radio just because of all the hit songs they play. Never ever have I thought who’s “behind” the radio. Deejays in the old times normally have this kind of same voice, macho-style. But now, my perception about radio deejays changed a lot.

Normally, I listened to the radio when I drove to work from home to P.J. As early as 6.45am I can hear the deejay in her best state of life, laughing and cheering up everybody in Malaysia, wishing a good morning and a good day ahead. I wonder how she (my favourite female Malay deejay) could be so happy and energetic every single morning she’s on air. Came to my mind, “Doesn’t she ever have any problems in her life? Personal problems, work problems or relationship problems???

I think normal people would easily be affected or disturbed when they have some kind of problems, especially in the morning. You can easily tell from the face and from the mood. If one day your colleague entered the office with no smile on his/her face, at that very instant you can tell that your colleague is having or have had a problem prior to coming to work. If you accidentally ask wrong questions, silap haribulan pelempang singgah ke muka.

What about if you work as a deejay? Can you keep up your happy-go-lucky and cheerful mood in the morning if you just had a big problem the night before that? How strong can your mind control your emotion? Is this a part of being a professional, where you have to ignore everything about your emotion and let your mind take over everything? For normal people like us who work in the office, that may not be so tough since we do not have to make jokes or be cheerful early in the morning while doing our job. We can sit down in our cubicle without anyone else knowing what we are doing. But, being a deejay who has to talk through the mic and everybody in the country is listening live on air, how to hide your bad emotion if you have one? I guess one must have a very strong mind & heart, positive attitude and a very deep love with the job.

If I ever have a chance, I would like to interview my favourite deejay…

P/s: I have a good friend, everybody calls him DJ though he is a medical doctor…

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