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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bike - Day 5

Today was a very kepala angin day. No, no, it’s not about wind in my head, and not about somebody made me mad or angry. It’s about the headwind. Headwind was blowing quite strongly right to my face while I cycled today. Now I can appreciate the reason why people like to drag behind other cyclist. Just imagine, due to the headwind I only managed (macam nak pengsan) to keep constant speed of about 25km/h on flat road. While on the way back where the headwind changed to tailwind due to me facing backwards to the wind, I managed to cruise at a steady speed of 35km/h. Such a big different huh?

Yeah rite! Big different konon. Those cyclists who are reading this entry might be laughing like they never laughed before.

Though feeling not so happy with today’s result, I will still put it down here so that more people can have more reasons to laugh at my performance. Hehehe.

Result of Day 5 (Tuesday)
Distance: 15.7km
Time: 37 min
V Max.: 41.7km/h
V Ave.: 25.6km/h

I still have doubt whether I can do the 27miles for the fun ride next Saturday… in serious mental problem now.


fajar said...

fuyooo. sahabat aku ini sudah mula beralih angin la plak. cycling tu! makin tough la gayanya. ahaks

EnAikAY said...

have to la fajar, dok kat sini sorang2 takde member nak ajak main volleyball.
takde la tough pun. aku takut jadi boroi je sebab banyak minum air. apa taknya, setiap 5 minit kayuh aku teguk air, sampai rumah boleh belasah sebotol air lagi tuu.. hehe