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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Watching movie alone

Last night I went to watch Ratatouille. I went there by myself since my housemate hasn’t come back from shopping yet. The movie should start at 9.40pm.

9.25pm: I arrived at the cinema and bought one ticket.
9.30pm: Entered theatre number 4. Nobody’s inside. Hmm, this is quite weird. Well, I seated myself in the middle of the cinema. It is a free sitting cinema, sit wherever you like.
9.40pm: The trailers started. I wondered why there’s nobody else entering the cinema. Maybe they prefer to enter later. “Nevermind”, I told myself.
10.00pm: The movie started. “Eh, aku sorang je ke kat dalam panggung wayang ni? Biar benar.”
11.45pm: Movie ended. I can see only ME came out from the cinema.

Memang sahih aku tengok wayang sorang-sorang.


jilly said...

sorry I laughed. but that's.. sth.. funny.. kekekke..

EnAikAY said...

Once in a life time... i conquered the whole cinema! Now i have something funny to tell my anak cucu.. hehe

fajar said...

eh, best la macam tu! i wish to have those kind of moments. bukan senang nak dapat. u know what, ada seorang manager ni, dia sanggup beli satu panggung sbb dia nak tgk sorang2. and you - takyah bayar the whole panggung pun. cool beb!

EnAikAY said...

so, pengajarannya.. tak semestinya kaya/berjawatan tinggi utk mengecapi sesuatu yg hebat dan menggembirakan kan?