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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bike - Day 4

After having an over resting days on Saturday & Sunday, I tried to cycle again today. DISASTER!! My legs felt weak even to keep a constant speed of 25km/h, and my spirit went down drastically. “Tu lah, sapa suruh rest lama-lama”. In spite of feeling excited because today I’m wearing my new cycling shorts and long sleeve tight shirt (to avoid sun burn to the arms) which I bought on Saturday, I felt demotivated to continue cycling. My physical exhaustion is brain-washing me. Is this normal for a beginner?

At first, I planned to cover a longer distance than what I did on Day 3. But halfway through, I almost decided to make a u-turn and call it a day. But, the legs still kept on moving. ”Just a little bit more”, I told my self. Looking at the speedometer, I was only doing around 30 to 33km/h on flat road and it dropped to 25km/h or below on a bit hilly long climb. Even when going down the hill, I couldn’t go faster than 38km/h. I just couldn’t. And as usual, the double small hills were waiting on my way back to the apartment. This time, I switched to smaller gear (tak tau lah gear no berapa, tapi tayar belakang tu ada 6 gear), I was on the 5th gear counting from the smallest one. Paddled as fast as I could, trying to keep above 20km/h on both climbs. Sampai rumah terus terpengsan setengah jam kat atas sofa.

Result of Day 4 (Monday):
Distance: 15.5km
Time: 35 min
V Max.: 42.7km/h
V Ave.: 26.7km/h

When I realised that I did faster than the other days, I was able to smile a bit just before my body switched to its hibernate mode…

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