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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Bike - Day 8

Today I went to a bicycle shop to get my saddle changed. I mean, to buy a new well-padded saddle. The one that I have originally with the old bicycle is very hard and stiff. Often made my bums get numbed. Together with that saddle, I got myself a Discovery Channel racing jersey too. It is made in Italy, Nike brand, combination of blue and white colours, nice fabric. I’m happy to have bought the jersey. I wanted to buy that jersey since the first time I saw it on my first visit to that shop last month. But now, when I open my wallet and see inside it, I feel like tears are starting to come out from my eyes. Looks like there will be no more cycling-related-shopping for me until I get my new salary. Maybe I should also start my no-money-diet. Diet is good for health, right?

“Tu lah, sapa suruh gatal tangan pegi beli cycling jersey tu!? Tengok orang lain pakai dah la.”

Returning home from the bicycle shop with smiling face, I went out to cycle again. This time, I tried a totally different route, the shortest so far. I wanted to test whether the new saddle gives better comfort to my bums. If it does, at least I won’t feel so bad spending money for it. So far so good, thank goodness. My bums didn’t get numb as much as it normally did. By the way, this time the route was lots of flat roads, and headwind was not a factor for today. And no, I didn’t wear the Discovery Channel jersey yet. Sayang wooo..!

Result of Day 8 (Saturday)
Distance: 12.7km
Time: 28 min
V Max.: 42.4km/h
V Ave.: 27.2km/h

Hmm, maybe the formula for being fast on your bike is flat roads, no headwind, and to buy yourself a new cycling jersey… hahaha.

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