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Friday, July 27, 2007

Bike - Day 12

I almost put on my swimming gear and go to the gym to do some swimming. Instead, I thought I should push myself on the bike for another day, final day. So, put on my cycling gear, and off I went for cycling.

I tried to go for higher speed this time, choosing my normal route but shorter distance. It was not bad. Though there was moderate amount of headwind on my way back, I still managed to clock 27km/h ++ on the average speed. Very happy with that, I felt fast a bit. I felt good, my confidence level went up. I know it’s going to be tough to break this average speed record for the time being. Anyway, my fun ride on Saturday will be an endurance type for which I cannot push for high speed, but more on long distance. Hopefully this week’s mix of long distance and high speed trainings would do me just fine for this Saturday’s ride.

Result of Day 12 (Thursday)
Distance: 14.2km
Time: 30 min
V Max.: 43.7km/h
V Ave.: 27.8km/h

Once arrived home, did some cooling down and stretching. I then fell asleep on the chair in sitting position for few minutes, and upon waking up I walked to the room macam orang mabuk dan terus mati katak kat atas katil selama sejam.

Tomorrow will be a cycling-free day for me, time to go collect the packets from the organizer. Perhaps, I may do some easy swimming at the gym too.

P/s: Did you notice something? My blog entries are getting shorter and shorter, aren’t they? I think my strategy of channelling some energy from my fingers to the legs is working now! Haha.

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