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Monday, July 23, 2007

One more stroke…

Today is the hottest day in this week, I guess. Luckily I’ve planned not to cycle today. Instead, I went for a dip in the pool at the gym. It’s been more than two weeks since I last visited the gym either for spinning, running, swimming or some iron-pumping work out.

It was a bit disappointing since they put the swimming lines to cross over the width of the pool. Maybe because it is Sunday. Normally the swimming lines would be set on the 25m length, not the width. Anyway, I just swam as much as I could within 45minutes. Didn’t bother to check how far I swam since I don’t know how long the width of the pool is.

But one thing for sure attracted my attention when I was resting by the pool was, when one grandma talked to her granddaughter just besides me. I think the grandma was supporting her granddaughter who seemed to be struggling. I don’t know the full conversation between her and her grandchild, but these few lines of words really stuck in my mind until now.

“There’s one lady who was 5 miles away from the shore. She had no choice but to swim, or else she will be drowned. So, she started to swim one stroke after another. “One more stroke, one more stroke, one more stroke”, she told herself.”
“She knew she couldn’t swim for 5 miles, but she just focus on what she can do, to swim one more stroke after another. At last she arrived at the beach safely.”
“You see, sometimes we just have to focus on one little thing that we can do in order to achieve a bigger goal.”

That was a good lesson for me as well, indeed.


fajar said...

eh, i still can't focus properly during my swimming. maybe i don't have enough courage or in other words, don't have enough tenaga. ahaksss..

hiks, nak kena pi gym mcm ni. (hmppph, angan2 je la aku ni nik). sejak dr malaysia, seblm bulan puasa, smp lps raya - takde menjadi punya cita2 ni. hahaha

EnAikAY said...

ala, kau start sikit2 dulu fajar. firsly, kau boleh start with eksesais "mengejar bas" utk pegi uni. kalau kau buat2 hari, for sure satu hari nanti kau boleh berlari je pegi uni. itu dah boleh cover half marathon distance dah tu.. ye dak? aini sure jeles. hehehe. just kidding.