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Friday, July 20, 2007

Bike - Day 6

So, I have good news for you. After finishing your training here, you will be spending around 6 months training at our facility in Dallas before you go home. Now, we have to speed things up a little bit here, okay! There’s a lot of things you guys have to learn here.” My boss told me this yesterday during a late evening meeting for which I had to cancel my cycling routine.

WHAT!? Am I dreaming? I was hoping so much that the good news would be to let us go back to Malaysia next week or next month. I thought it’ll be sunny until evening, who knows it rained in the afternoon. I guess I have to celebrate Raya alone again this year. Well, There Will Be No Success Without Discipline & Sacrifice, right?

Therefore, today I put some extra effort on my ride. If looking at the result alone, it is not that impressive as compared to any other days. But, I know I pushed a bit harder today since I have to cycle against the strong headwind again as I was cycling back to the apartment. I set my speedometer to see only current speed and average speed. Looking at average speed as my benchmark for today's ride. From home to the pit stop, I managed to keep average of 30.2km/h (no headwind). One the way back, I can see the average speed is going down and down and down. Kepala angin punya penangan la ni.

Result of Day 6 (Thursday)
Distance: 19.5km
Time: 45 min
V Max.: 44.0km/h
V Ave.: 25.7km/h

The good thing is, I don’t feel so tired today. Maybe because I was rested yesterday, or maybe because today I swallowed extra bar-of-power, hehe. I have until this Saturday to decide and register myself for the fun ride on July 28th. I was contemplating whether I should do 10miles or 27miles. But, after today’s ride, the confidence to do 27miles is starting to show its face to me.

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fajar said...

sabar my friend. Insya Allah, something good will be coming out your way. :)

And, for the time being, just appreciate the moment while you are there. Err, perhaps, finding a very good souvenirs for me? Hahaha