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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Run - Day 2

I didn’t run fast or far today since both my thighs were still in pain due to lactic acid effect from yesterday’s run. So, I just jogged macam si pakwe mengejar si makwe berlari-lari di tepi pantai for about 1.5miles. I really went slow and steady. My plan is to build up the endurance first then only speed. At least today I didn’t feel the blood rushing up to my head and no side stitch either. Good indication so far.

Result of Day 2 (Tuesday)
Distance: 1.5miles (2.4km)
Time: 12min 50sec (very the slow)

I was a bit stressed today since I haven’t started any self-studying for my job training yet. The clock is ticking. I can’t study at the office because there’re jobs to do. So I talked to my friend, just to release some tense. Here’s a portion of our dialogue.

Me: I’m stressed la, asal nak start study je mata jadi ngantuk. Pantang study sikit, mula teringat kat bantal & tilam. How to do?
Friend: Pegi la study kat tepi jalan raya, tak pun pegi study kat atas beskal. Kat situ takde bantal.
Me: Err..

Therefore, there’ll be no long entry for today. I have to start studying!

Enjoy the song.


jilly said...

Hehehe.. chiss.. I am SO JEALOUS!! You, there, states, me, here, kg gifu. hahaha..

fajar said...

wah, lagu Roxette! Masih setia lagi ek.
Btw, this is one of my fav song. So sweet. Milk, Sugar and Honey pun bole jadi tajuk lagu....

fajar said...

eh bukan sugar.. Toast. ahaks

EnAikAY said...

Jilly, come on.. u were here for few years before, juubun jya nai desu ka? hehe

sejak berpeluang utk bergelumang dgn internet almost 24jam sehari ni, youtube has been one of my "good buddy", other than blogspot! haha

bola2api said...

yay nik dah lari!!!

2.4km in 12 mins is ok la.

dulu masa aku mula2 lari, 10 mins per kilo.. and i can last only for 2km!

EnAikAY said...

Aini, dulu lain.. sekarang lain. hehe. You're my first target.. watch out!