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Friday, August 3, 2007

Run - Day 3

For no reason, I’m totally out of idea of what to write. OK, let’s try to make it as simple as possible.

Today I went for running at the gym, then I went back home feeling tired and pain on my left thigh.

Result of Run Day 3 (Thursday)
Distance: 3.2km (2miles)
Time: 17min 23sec

Bila la nak boleh lari laju macam superman ni…


nikfarrah said...

write about ur past and current observation/experience towards one's reaction towards life,
or maybe how time have changed your perception towards human behaviour and lifestyle and how exposure to real life have made you become wiser.

Rahib Esa said...

Ha! apalagi nik! cadangan bernas tu, ahaks!

EnAikAY said...

Encik Rahib Esa, insyaAllah...