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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another Plan Ruined

I was hoping that once I start my 2 weeks class I will get more free times in the evenings for my fitness training. But looking at how they’ve arranged for the first class today, I know I will have to postpone my running training for another 2 weeks at least. Boy, oh boy. Long break like this is doing no good to my muscles and fitness level. Will be tough to recover it later, it’ll be like starting all over again.

The class I am having now consists of full time 8am to 5pm, 5 days per week for two weeks. Not only we have to stay focus and alert with the lecturer teaching all the theories, calculations and formulas and what not, plus we also have to do homework at home – everyday! That is really %$#^@!!

Habis, tercemar kesucian blog aku.

Ok stop, I don’t want to spread negative things inside my blog, or start cursing for nothing. This blog should be portraying only good and positive and inspiring thoughts or activities.

Apart from that, we are served with free breakfast, lunch and dinner. The foods are superb, really high class, like eating at a hotel (they serve halal food too). But the thing is, dinner is only served from 5.30pm onwards which is normally when I start my fitness training. And by the time I finished taking my dinner it’s already 6.15pm, and I don’t think I will be able to run with full stomach. It’s too dangerous and unhealthy. So, I had to make a big decision whether to skip the marvellous meals and go for my routine exercise, or go for exercise and have to spend another hour to cook my own dinner at home.

Aah, exercise bila-bila boleh buat, tapi makan sedap yang free ni bukan selalu boleh dapat woo…!!!

Lagipun orang kata "makan untuk hidup & hidup untuk makan". Takde pun perkataan "eksesais" kat situ. Hehehehe.

So, you surely know what happened after I said that.

Shall I start putting updates on what I eat everyday? Hahahaha.


niefeng said...

nik ayat kau yg bawah sekali tu mmg menarik la, hahahahah, ni membuatkan aku malas nak jogging ptg ni hahahahaah, hidup utk makan yea hahhaahahah

defina said...

mak aiiii, kalu bab2 makan terserah ler kat hg yo. nanti dalam reramai yg yg kayuh beskal, ade satu belon yg terkedek2...hehehehe

jilly said...

ekekeke.. ntah.. bab makan no 1. but i agree w u my fren. makan sedap yg free.. halal lak tu, bukan slalu dapat. u go for it tiger!

bola2api said...

makan makan jugak..

jgn lupa workout to burn the fats..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Niefeng, kau jgn malas2 training, weekend depan dah nak lari panjat Bkt Gasing. Aku takpe, aku takde join apa2 racing buat masa ni.

Defina, belon bukan sebarang belon tau.. ahhaha.

Jilly, me=tiger?? Auummmm...
Makan mesti diutamakan, if not nanti takde energy nak update blog.

Bola2api, aku bukan lupa nak workout.. cuma, aku sengaja buat2 lupa je.