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Monday, August 13, 2007

Swim – Day 2

It has been about 10 days since I did my first swim. Yesterday was my second day. I went to the gym at around 6pm with the hope that there will be not so many people in the pool. I thought wrong. They only opened 3 swimming lanes, and there were three people including me in my swimming lane. At the other two lanes, two people at each lane. Kacau daun sungguh. If I am a good swimmer ok la jugak, I can think of it as triathlon simulation ke apa ke.

By the way, my arms were not feeling so strong for the swim. I could only do freestyle for 200m, and the rest just do the normal breaststroke. My triceps and shoulders were very the weak. Looks like I did not do balance workout between upper and lower body. Kesian saya.

Or maybe because I didn’t have sufficient energy for the swim since I only had a bowl of cereal + milk for lunch. Breakfast was unintentionally skipped. You know what I mean, hehehe. Lepas swimming balik rumah belasah makan spaghetti with chicken cooked in alfredo sauce. Superb!

Result of Swim Day 2 (Saturday)
Distance: 500m
Time: 12min 44sec

At night after dinner I went out with my housemate to watch Rush Hour 3. I like Jackie Chan’s movie, so this one is not to be missed. The movie was awesome, lots of fights and tricky moves from Jackie, and many jokes too. He is really flexible, tough and fast. More than half of the movie was shot in Paris with the beautiful scenic at the Eiffel Tower. Macam biasalah, at last hero yang menang.

It reminds me a lot when I went to Paris in 1997. Some of the university students arranged a trip to Disneyland Paris, so we joined them. We took a bus from Leicester to Dover, and then crossed the English Channel with ferry to Calais, France. From there, continued our journey with bus to Disneyland Paris. I had lots of fun there. I rode almost all of the roller coasters. But, not so many photos due to the fact I was walking alone most of the times. The other friends of mine were not so keen to do all the rides, they preferred the slow walk jalan-jalan makan angin at the park. It was fun.

We went out from Disneyland at around 6pm if I’m not mistaken. The ferry from Calais back to Dover was scheduled at 1am the next morning. So, they decided to let us lepak at Eiffel Tower until midnight. I couldn’t believe myself that I was standing right underneath the huge steel tower. It was an amazing experience, being in such a romantic city at one of the most famous place in the world. But too bad, I had no girlfriend at that time to share the wonderful moments in life.

Opocot, ter-emotional la pulak. I better stop now. Hehehe.


niefeng said...

nik mu gi US ni wat gapo, blaja ko kijo ( ko gi main basikal yah heheheheh)

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

aku training la kat sini niefeng.
weh pesa, bila nak daki gunung lagi? nanti sound aku. tahun depan aku balik boleh aku join mung conquer mana2 gunung. aku teringin nak lepak2 kat puncak kinabalu la kalau ada rezeki.

niefeng said...

tahun ni AP aku mmg agak sesak nafas nak apply, tp aku cuba la dlm bulan 11, 12 ni ingat nak daki lagi, tahun depan bila kau nak balik, kalau serious kau boleh la jenguk2 brg2 kat US tu, sana murah sikit banding Msia.boleh YM aku tak, tak best la ckp sini, akunya email, kalau jd tahun depan aku akan ke Kinabalu

rahib esa said...

Ha, nik! kau teringat sapa tu?! don't worry, beb. bila kau dah kaya sangap nanti, bawak le anak bini kau gi jalan2 kat paris, gi versailles, jln2 mlm2 kat sacre coeur..romantik wa cakap lu!!!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Cik Rahib, aku tak bawak anak bini jalan2, aku bawak diorang naik basikal.. haha. Jalan kaki penat ah. Nak ikut?

rahib esa said...

takpele..nanti nampak mcm org bangla lak, naik basikal ramai2, hahaha

Rose said...

weii.. i remember this trip to paris.. haa lawak kan ramai2 jiwang bawah eiffel tower tuh.. aku masa kat disney tuh tensen gak sbb aku nak naik rides tp mcm ko kata the gang sume jln2 take it slow jer.. but anyways, got loads of pix from that trip.. group pix masa kat bawah eiffel tuh ada gambo ko sama (but album tuh kat mesia la.. kalu x bleh aku scan kasik ko. sorry mate..)ha.. i also got lots of pix fr our blackpool trip