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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Run – Day 4

After having the super-delicious nasi beriani kambing last weekend, makes me realised that I have to work out more to get rid of the massive saturated fat I’ve swallowed. Yesterday has gone without me doing any training. First reason, I was so hungry that I couldn’t think of anything else other than to cook and eat my dinner. Secondly, I was reserving my energy for some self-study at night, hehehe. Have to maa. (Alasan, alasan…)

I was thinking to make some kind of revenge today, to pay back what I’ve missed yesterday. Target: 3miles run. The run started quite well. Well enough that I managed to run continuously for 1 mile non-stop. On previous runs, I had to run-walk-run to complete 1 mile. “Hmm, such an improvement. Must keep it up”, I told to myself. But, as soon as I had that positive thought in my mind, side stitch attacked my right side. Gosh! Potong stim betul.

Looks like the 3 miles run target has to be postponed to a latter day, hopefully anytime within this week.

1 mile run was not enough. So I headed to the spinning machine and continued with high cadence training for about 15minutes. At least the side stitch disappeared. And I was sweating like err... sweating like myself la. Kalau peluh tu boleh jual 50sen setitik kat pasar malam, kayo pakcik, kayo!!

Result of Run Day 4 (Tuesday)
Distance: 1.6km (1mile)
Time: 8min 40sec

Have to stop now, need to continue my self-study. Stress betul, hari-hari kena study.

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