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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Swim – Day 1

Do you notice the title for today’s entry? You might be thinking that a “Run – Day 3” title may appear up there, right? I wanted it to appear too, but with both thighs still experiencing the bad lactic acid effect, I had to cancel my running plan. Let the legs have a rest for one day.

Instead, I went for swimming. At first I just wanted to have some relaxing swim-like-a-frog kind of thing, but once I dipped myself into the pool I had a second thought. Let’s try to swim for 500m and see how I perform for my first “official” swimming training.

Set my watch for chronograph mode (i.e. stopwatch mode) and gedebushhh. I started splashing water to the front, left, right and back while struggling myself with the unperfected freestyle to move forward. Pool length is 25m. After the first 50m I felt a bit out of breath and arms felt slightly tight. Took a short 1 or 2 minutes break by the pool, recovering my heart rate and catching up with breathing rhythm. Then I proceeded with the next 50m. After freestyling for 350m I couldn’t do any freestyle anymore. I was totally out of breath and my arms muscles get very tightened. I think my freestyle strokes need more correction and improvement. Anybody wants to volunteer to be my swimming coach, anybody?

I’ve got another 150m to do if I were to achieve 500m. Fikir punya fikir, at last I decided to finish the swim with whatever stroke or swimming style that I used to acquire. Luckily not so many people were around to look at me doing the asal-aku-tak-tenggelam-style or else they would ask me to be their swim guru. Hahahaa.

But hey! I managed to do 500m today. How fast did I go? Don’t bother to ask (or calculate), because I think I swam slower than a fish that swims backwards.

Result of Swim Day 1 (Wednesday)
Distance: 500m
Time: 12min 34sec

I need to get a pair of new goggles, this one is getting blurry. Diorang ada buat goggles brand Discovery Channel tak? Hik hik hik…


Dr. Heazar "Matyat" Ismail said...


wah nampak enjoying a very active life kat us?

well aku rasa baguihla hang aktifkan diri hang kat sana...layan fit.

bila berjauhan dengan famili ni byk dugaan (mental + fizikal)...jadi kalo hang bersenam2 ni at least serves as a focus point utk hang!

Keep on running/cycling/swimming. aku nak tengok by the end of your stay brapa byk mileage hang accumulate.....

EnAikAY said...

Dr Matyat, you are right!
At least takde la boring sgt aku dok kat "kampung duncan" ni.
Epoi pun dok layan cycling gak during weekends. Nanti boleh la hang join dia.
Kalau hang nak tengok mileage accumulation aku naik tinggi, sedekah la basikal racing yg power2 sebijik kat aku.. sebijik cukup la. hahahaa..

bola2api said...

laju tu dol

aku pun 100m is average 4 mins.

500m should be in 20 mins.. kau dah potong aku 8 menet tu