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Friday, August 31, 2007

I Hate Exams

By the time most Malaysians were enjoying the fireworks show in their neighbourhood, I was cracking my head to answer test questions in the classroom. They have finished teaching us everything they planned to, and now it’s time for test, and test, and test.

We started with 1st test in the morning at around 9am. The question was pretty simple, 1 question consisting of 12 sub-questions. Midway doing it, I found out that some of the sub-questions were starting to get crooked. Weird numbers and answers started to came to surface. After a good 20 minutes putting all the drawing, numbers, calculations and answers in 3 sheets of paper, I was done. The others were still struggling. I handed in my answers to the tutor.

From far, I could see the tutor was cursing when he looked at my answers. He flipped through my answers, and then he looked at the question paper. His face showed that he really stressed up. After a while, more students handed in their answers to the tutor. And I saw his face was like he totally lost his mind.

At 10am, when almost everybody finished with the 1st test, the tutor asked everybody to hand in whatever they have in hand, complete or not.

Then he said, “Ok guys, let’s forget about the first test. Because the question was wrong, non-logical and you won’t get any good and sensible answers from it. I didn’t realised that the question was f***ed up, my apologies. Anyway, let’s just forget about it, I will throw everything away.”

“What?” The students went upside down. “So we don’t have to do anymore test, sir?”

Then the tutor said, “Ok, the last question was useless. Sorry, it was my bad. So, I have come up with a good question and let us all do Test 2.”

“What the …?”

The second question was same like the first, only that some numbers in the question were changed to make it more logical. But this time, instead of 12 sub-questions, we got 13 sub-questions.

You see, that’s why I hate exams.

p/s: As I’m writing this entry, I was just done with my second test. Waiting for lunch time now. And after lunch, I’ll be having big exam part 1. Big exam part 2 will be tomorrow morning.


jilly said...

Huhu.. all the best!!

ihsan said...

hahaha, aku jugak mmg tensen kalau nak exam nih... tu yg aku nya pro papers aku tak abes2 lagi nih...

anyway good luck bro..

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

tenkiu jilly, tenkiu ihsan.
tenkiu all readers, tenkiu, tenkiu...