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Monday, September 3, 2007

– The End –

The final calculation exam started as early as 7am on last Friday. The night before that, I didn’t study at all. I was watching TV. Bukan sebab nak tunjuk terer, but simply because I felt tired of studying anymore.

I woke up much earlier on Friday morning, rushed to the training place to grab some express breakfast before entering the training room. At 7am sharp, we began answering 3 questions. Time allocated was 4 hours. Each questions consisted of 5 to 7 sub-questions. Some of which were pretty tricky.

I spent a mere 2 hours to finish answering all questions, but I didn’t submit the answer immediately. I waited at my seat and review my answers while looking at other people’s behaviour. The room was filled with high tense faces. Ada yang garu kepala, ada yang korek telinga, ada yang terangguk-angguk kepala, dan ramai yang geleng kepala. Luckily I did review my answers before submitting it, because I found two mistakes which I overlooked earlier.

After about 3 hours I can see few people started submitting their answers. I kept calm at my place. At the end of the long 4 hours, we all have to submit our answers. And it’s time to wait for the results. We chit chat with each others, taking email addresses, taking some photos. We all have to score above 80% in order to pass this class. Such a high target, huh?

Finally, the instructor announced the final result which also consisted of all other small tests results that were done in earlier days. You want to know what I get? Ish, segan la nak bagitau. I will just say that I passed the exam with very colourful flying colours, and I was in the top 5. Such a relief when everything has ended. No more study and no more homework, for this moment at least.

By lunch time, we were all free to go. I straight went back home for a short rest. Then I went out to go window shopping, alone this time. At night, my housemate and I went to watch movie, Balls of Fury. Regret! Biggest regret so far (as far as watching movie is concerned). Buang karen betul. I don’t even feel want to share anything about the movie with you at all, I just disliked everything about it. In spite of the big promo and ads on the TV, for me the movie was totally “swinging-bowlpunya cerita. Menyesal, menyesal. Luckily I was not the only one watching it.

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