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Friday, September 14, 2007

The BIG Surprise!

Well, well, well. Finally the day has come for me to announce my little surprise as I promised before. But, before we go further, let’s take a look at some of the photos below. You can directly guess what the thing that I want to tell you is all about.

Yes, I’m going back to my home country today, on this first Friday of Ramadhan. In about 10 hours time from now, I will begin the journey by car and jet planes, crossing half of the globe from Duncan, to Oklahoma, to Los Angeles, to Taipei, to Kuala Lumpur, and lastly to Johor Bahru. This whole journey will be about 40 hours in total (kalau buat Ironman triathlon, dah boleh buat dua round ni). I never thought of this opportunity to come, but this is what I believe a rezeki, alhamduliLlah. It is not inside our original training plan to go back by this time. Everything just came up in a very short noticed manner.

This journey is not going to be permanent. I mean, after a few weeks of working at Johor I have to return to the States to resume my training until I complete one full year. And this trip back to home county is definitely not for holiday. The reason why we get to go back now is because we have to support the launching operation of the newly built facility, as well as to attend a two-days training.

It is going to be a hectic period for me, on how well I can manage the time for my work, my family, for travelling, and time for my self to do what I like to do. Too many things I want and have to do in too little time. If I were to make a wish list now, it may turn out to be more than 30 items on what I wish to do, where I wish to go, and who I wish to meet.

The best part of all, I get to celebrate Aidilfitri in Malaysia!!! Isn’t it wonderful? It’s like a dream comes true.

Dear friends, please pray for my safety during this journey okay! Thanks.

P/s: Entry hari ni poyo semacam je sebab kepala tengah di serang migraine, takde idea kreatif nak tulis.

P/s: Kepada sesiapa yang berjaya meneka surprise ni dengan betul, tahniah di ucapkan. Anda memang saiko! Kalau nak hadiah, sila pegi beli sendiri, pastu bayar dengan duit sendiri. Hihihi.


jilly said...

Hah!! Good for you. But me not so jealous though.. cause Shafiq's coming here for Raya and I get to take a week off when actually I'm not allowed to by some stupid rule!! Imagine that. Haha.. yey!!

defina said...

nik, kalau kasik pic tu, mmg sah2 dapat teka. nnti nak beli hadiah utk diri sendiri then claim ngan hg eh? hehehehe
pe2pun, smg slmt kembali dan pergi kembali dan nak kembali balik...hehehe

fajar said...

wah, bestnya! jeles ni.

anyway, selamat pulang ke Malaysia. jaga diri baik2. kemsalam org di sana.

niefeng said...

lor ni balik betul2 ke balik cubaan Nik, anyway njoy the food in malaysia during ramadhan, aku ada beberapa kali ke Johor sekarang, site kat pontian, ada rezeki kita jumpa.