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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Energy Savings

Can I say that I’m saving my energy for the upcoming Ramadhan by not putting up any updates in my blog for few days? I know I can’t.

Actually, the reason why it has been few days since I last updated my blog is due to the fact that I didn’t get to do much fitness training. Somehow I felt a bit disappointed. When I didn’t do fitness training, I got nothing interesting to put up on my blog, and when I cannot update blog, I get a bit disappointed. I don’t want to let any reader of my blog to fall asleep while reading my boring stories, so I have to come up with something interesting as an appreciation for those readers who frequently visited my blog day and night from around the globe (Cheh, returning visitors tak sampai 5 orang sebulan pun nak belagak, hehe).

After the run on last Thursday, I felt pain in both thighs as expected. So, I did no running on Friday. Came Saturday, I went for window shopping again. There were no interesting movies to watch, so I just spent most of the times watching tennis US Open on the TV.

On Sunday, I went to the gym for some workout. But to my surprise, they didn't allow me to enter the gym since my temporary 3 months membership has finished. If I want to continue the membership, I have to pay about US25/month. But, I don’t think I will be going to the gym during Ramadhan. So, I said I will only continue membership in October. Luckily for me, they allowed me to enter the gym on Sunday for free, just for that particular day.

So, I spent roughly 1.5hrs doing some weight training to tone up some upper body muscles while trying not to overwork them again. I think, that will be the last time I go to the gym so far, the next time I go there shall be from next October onwards, after Aidilfitri and what not.

Ish, boringnya entry blog harini. Takpelah, at least I can say I frequently update my blog, hahaha.

I can’t wait for weekend to come, something BIG is approaching soon.

Syyy… takleh bagitau lagi. Kena tunggu until Friday baru boleh reveal. Harap bersabar ye tuan-tuan dan puan-puan.


jilly said...

kekeke.. i'm definitely one of the 5 returning visitors. haha.. just because i dont hv much to do here. tunggu la balik mesia kang.. sebulan skali pun malas nak online.. hehehe.. what is it that is SOO big of a surprise??

[i] said...

lets seee the options...

1. his wife is having another baby - impossible
2. he got a one month gratitude leave from his employer hence he can come back to Malaysia - unlikely
3. he is buying a nice blink2 - left hand drive, cost AP & freight - useless
4. he has new 'awek' - most likely..

i choose no 4 as my answer...

rose said...

ha'a.. apa yer? i'd like to suggest another option.. hmm.. adakah che' nik fa nak bukak webpage baru & letak gambar banyak2..

takpun ni gimik semata-mata.. nak soh dia nyer current visitors visit bebanyak kali just to check up on the updates.. btul ke??

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Jilly, keep up visiting. Who knows maybe one day i can make a lucky draw contest for frequent visitors.

Ihsan, i got new 'awek'?? Hahaha. Im not gonna tell u yet, not until Friday.

Rose, gimmick? No, no. This is not a gimmick to attract visitors (i know i dont have that much visitors). But, this is a REAL stuff man.

Anyone else wanna guess what's the BIG surprise? Come on guys, let's start guessing. No matter who you are, frequent visitor or not, everybody is welcomed to join the fun.