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Monday, September 3, 2007

Almost Alone Again

I just came back from watching a movie entitled No Reservations. I almost watch it “alone” again today. While I was sitting there watching the trailer by myself, my brain was so active and started to think of writing another entry about watching movie alone like I did last time. But, when the movie just about to start, few couples came into the theatre.

I never make any kind of movie review or comments or what so ever but today I’d like to try to make one. Perhaps those who haven’t watch it may be angry with me now for telling them about the story before they watch it. Well, the story was overall nice and easy to follow. Pretty relaxing, some romantic comedy quality inside it, and some scenes really touched my heart.

Gosh, I think I’m really a crap at making comments or review about something openly. I wanted to make some comments but I don’t know how to put it into words. Anyway, let’s give it a try.

1. Sometimes I like to cook, and this movie has something to do about cooking and daily routine as a cook/chef. Unfortunately, I couldn’t smell what they are cooking inside the movie but the foods look extremely delicious though.

2. Imagine yourself being an 8 years old girl who just lost a mother in a car accident and you are left alone with your aunt. You don’t know who your father is, and you have to live with your aunt who is a chef. At certain point you missed your mother really badly but the only thing you can do is cry.

3. It is sometimes true what people said, “You may one day fall in love with someone who you hated most initially”. Maybe it is also true that to love someone is to first know that person. First impression may sometimes be so misleading.

4. We normally see that parents usually scold or scream at their children when the children do not listen to them. But, if you are a child, do you like to be scolded or screamed at? Everyone has feelings rite? Even children have feelings. Parents have feelings too, but why do they easily lost it to their anger and impatient? Why must parents scream or scold their children on daily basis? Will that not ruin the children’s mind and emotions, especially when they are being scolded in front of public? Being patient is very difficult, unless you train yourself hard. Do you think it is easy for children to accept the concept of “parents scold their children because they love them”? I don’t think so, not until they get matured, or when they have their own children.

5. I like to watch happy ending romantic comedy movies, just like this one. So, will I watch it again? Oh yes, if someone belanja me la. Hahaha.


fajar said...

never been to cinema since i've been here, though there's a few movies i would like to watch.

reasons: no time, no money.

:). uwaaaaaaaaaa, sedihnya mcm ni

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

sabar, sabar. student phd tidak digalakkan sama sekali utk berkunjung ke panggung wayang. (sbb tu aku malas sambung study.. hehehe)

[web-mod] said...

kalau kat UK ada cinema day, tiket for one pound je... biasa time tu budak2 mesia ngelat, beli 1 tiket tapi masuk 2-3 wayang....

yg ni terutama budak2 pompuan yg ON LEAVE...:D

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Eh, macamana kau tau ihsan? kau pun "on-leave" gak ke time tu? macam berpengalaman je. hehehe

bola2api said...

aku pun pernah buat..

tapikan.. summer time, asar habih lambat.. so, tak 'on leave' pun buleh gi tengok laaaa

[i] said...

member aku ckp la.. biasa la mende2 ni budak mesia je yg buat. kalau bab road crossing yg tak betul pun org msia gak...

bab tempat kat lecture hall je pilih yg blakang skali :D