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Friday, September 7, 2007

Run – Day 7

Wow! The last time I ran was on August 10th, almost a month ago.

Today, I went to the gym to run. No big target for today, I just wanted to run to ease off lots of tiny-miny problems which are circling around my brain lately. While running on the indoor track, I kept on searching for a lucky number in my mind. This time, it turned out to be number 21.

Why number 21? Let’s do some maths, shall we?

21 laps x 0.1 mi/lap x 1.6 km/mi = approximately 3.4km.

I managed to run slowly and steadily for 3.4km non stop today, without any stretching that was. I forgot to stretch. Seriously, no kidding, I really forgot. I was thinking to continue running until 30 laps but I had to stop as I got side stitch. And I have the feelings that my thighs will start to feel the pain when I wake up tomorrow morning. But, I hope it won’t happen or else I can’t run tomorrow.

Result of Run Day 7 (Thursday)
Distance: 3.4km (2.1miles)
Time: 23min 30sec

I’m feeling sad right now because my friend is in trouble. I need to find a way to help.


jilly said...

what friend? what trouble?
is this the one I should be surprised to read??

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

no no no, this is not the surprise yet. omachi kudasai ne, jilly-san!