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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Start Ironing

Well, the most challenging deal of triathlon - the Ironman series will be happening in Langkawi this Saturday, February 28th. Unfortunately I can't go there to witness my friends from JB who's taking part as I have to shoot East for my brother in law's wedding on the same date.

With total cut-off time (i.e. time limit) of 17hours, each participants has to swim for 3.8km, and then cycle for 180km and finally run for 42km.

Now, let see how will I perform based on my current fitness level if I were to participate in Ironman Langkawi 2009:

3.8km Swim = Hmm, I never swam this far before. I would guess, I MAYBE can swim 1km in 30minutes. So, 3.8km would give me almost 2hours to spend inside the sea water. Hmmm, sempat buat kawan dengan ikan-ikan di lautan ni.

180km Cycle = I've done 140km with average speed of, let see... 28km/hr maybe. SO, it will be about 6.5hrs paddling activity (itu pun kalau non-stop cycling lah)

42km Run = I never imagined I could run this far yet. IF I can endure this distance without fainting, with my current capability I would be pounding the tarmac for 5hours non-stop. Mampus.

So, in total, that gives me 13.5 hours to complete an Ironman Triathlon.

What? 13.5 hours?

Wait, is my calculator malfunctioning? Hmm...

Impossible lah if I can finish an Ironman in less than 13.5hours. Mustahil, mustahil.

Oh yeah, now I know. I'm only day dreaming...

You see, I included lots of "dreaming" words like MAYBE, IF and SO at above paragraphs.

Anyway, basically it's not impossible to attempt, not even impossible to finish it within 17 hours. I just need to really start IRONING my triathlon skill from now on if I were to attempt it next year.


P/s: Aisey, tingginya angan-angan aku harini...


KOOKY KASH said...

It always start with a dream…

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

May the dream comes true... Amin.