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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Cube

This is where I spend 8 hours per day (or sometimes more), 5 days a week.

1) My bad-getting-worse hand writings. They look slightly better if I write in capital letters compared to the small letters version.

2) Yeah baby. I’m a big fan of sticky notes. (Oh ya, it reminds me that I promised to teach a colleague working in Miri on how to peel a sticky notes without causing the corners to curl. The way I peel them, they will come out flat)

3) HUD (Head-Up Display) – to place the always-need-to-look-at items, e.g. phone number list, SAP Transaction Codes, global support personnel list, frequently used specifications list, new product information papers, etc.

4) Monthly calendar with small sticky notes to indicate special events like presentation I need to give, meetings, seminars and audits. For March, there will be two sticky notes to indicate Trikidz and Kenyir Lake Triathlon events as well.

5) Company yearly calendar, where there are ONLY 13 public holidays trough out 2009. Ya ampun, migraine gua keje sini!

6) Monthly prayers timetable cilok-ed from internet.

7) The very comfy office chair I’ve ever sat my butt on so far.

8) Tikus tanpa ekor, i.e. wireless mouse with 4 directional scrolls (up, down, left, right). Marvelous!

9) Headphone – to listen to online radio or my music collection. It helps me to avoid listening to people gossiping in neighboring cubicles focus on my work while giving me some work-entertainment balance.

10) A tumbler size mug. Enough to provide me with morning tea which can last till lunch time.

11) This is my favorite. A powerful 17 inch engineering laptop that weighs nearly 3kg, with number keypad besides the keyboard. Magnificent when working on designs and looking at drawings. I can even put on my SAP view and Excel spreadsheet view side to side for better efficiency of data analysis.

12) Office phone la, apa lagi.

13) Business card holder case. Normal stuff.

14) My scientific calculator which I have used since university time, ermm.. since 1997 to be exact. It's a Made in China Casio fx-82TL model. I bet it's no more available on the market.

15) A souvenir nail-clipper from my colleague who went to Singapore last year.

16) Collection of stationeries I gathered which consists among others are free pens from hotels I visited. Some I get from vendors. Free stuff is good stuff, no? I make use the free Solidworks (3D design software) mug as the container. See, free stuff again.

17) Decorative motorcycle plate which I bought as a souvenir for myself from Dallas, Texas.

18) Fridge magnet that I bought from Edinburgh, Scotland which says, “ATTITUDE. I don’t NEED your attitude, I already have one”. Besides it is another souvenir fridge magnet from a friend which says, “Never give up” (yeah, hopefully).

19) Safety glasses. Where I work, safety should always be number one on the priority list. It is compulsory for every employee to wear safety glasses when going inside the operation area.

20) Ini barang pinjam yang belum dipulangkan kepada empunya tuan.

21) A design/drawing which I’m reviewing and analyzing, i.e. my work space.


Ez said...

Lama tak singgah sini....huii! Meja baru kemas ke...mmg hari2 cam tu? :P

Siti said...

Hi Nik, did you just tidy your desk before you took this picture? :P

Oh you have quite a comfy chair there, wish we have the same ones over here. Btw, I too still use my calculator from my university days. I don't know what I would do without and having to familiarize myself with a new one.

Next time I catch you, you're going to have to show me how to peel a sticky note nicely, the way you do it!


..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Hahaha, I knew it that people will ask whether I just tidy the desk or not. Well, I will leave the question unanswered. Barula thrill sikit.

Yes Siti, I'll teach u when we next bump into each other.

Anonymous said...

No family pic mehhh..??

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Anony, family pic got.. inside laptop. hehe.