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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kena tag lagi!

Just came across Aini’s blog with her 25 random things which she got tagged to. It reminds me that I also got tagged by Makcik Power through my Facebook few weeks ago.

I need to write 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about my self. So, without any offence to anybody, here it goes.

1) Mae, Nihon go de hanasemasu node, ima wa mo wasurete shimai mashita. Zannen desu ne! (I used to be able to speak in Japanese language, but now I slowly forgetting them)

2) My true ambition until now which never get properly pursuit is to be a pilot. I always wanted to pilot a jet plane, or a helicopter. One of the best experiences I’ve ever had was to be inside the cockpit of a 747-400 Boeing while flying over Bangladesh air space on my way back from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur in the year 2000. I sat inside the cockpit for 15minutes. Best siak!!

3) The fastest speed I’ve ever driven a car was 200km/hr. It was when I was studying in the UK, and I was only 18 years old at that time. Taubat tak nak buat dah.

4) I like to eat chicken. I love it. I can eat chicken for sahur, breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea break, dinner, supper, everyday. Believe it or not, if I were being asked to go oversea for work or training, one of the many reasons that would make me feel contemplated whether to go or not is because I know it may be difficult to find Halal chicken at those places.

5) A motor-sport which I always look forward to watch is WRC (World Rally Championship). I like to see the cars sliding on the gravel, tarmac or snow, especially the views from inside the car, i.e. cockpit view.

6) I cannot really understand what fun about fishing is. Not that I hate it or have any offence against people who could spend hours upon hours waiting for fish to hit the bait, but maybe I just don’t have the patience to do it. Yeah, I can be impatience when it comes to the act of waiting.

7) Up to date, I’ve used only three Nokia cell phones, and one Sony Ericsson (bought in 1999). I can’t remember all the models of the Nokia phones I’ve used on top of my head except the currently used one now which is Nokia 6280 that I bought in 2003.

8) I really hate those drivers who stay on the middle lane of a three lane highway when there are no other vehicles on the most left lane, i.e. not overtaking anybody, and he/she is only driving nothing more than 100km/hr. Same deal goes to those who kept on driving on right lane of a dual lane highway when there are no vehicles on the left lane. Why? Lazy to change lane when overtaking is it? Do you think by being on the middle lane all the way is the best practice meh? No, you are wrong. Don’t be lazy lar.

9) And I hate those high speed drivers who give high beams repeatedly from a kilometer away at the back as if their cars do not have brake at all to slow down. Again, why? Do you think that you have the rights to chase me off from the right lane when I’m overtaking a lorry if you drive a Beemer or a Merc? Come on man, I don’t give a damn of what cars you are driving. Plus, you are the ones who are driving over the speed limit and I’m not that slow either. So, learn to behave, please! It’s the manner that matters, not the type of cars you drive.

10) I thought it’s easy to throw away 25 random things about myself. I’m running out of ideas now. So, I’m going to stop here, and hopefully (very low probability that is) I may continue with the remaining 15 random things next year, hahaha.

Only 10 out of 25? Hrmm, ok lah I guess. Better than nothing, right?

Whoops, hang on. New ideas just came in.

11) I can play (but not so good at it) some basic musical instruments like guitar, piano, drum, saxophone. But, I don’t know how to read musical notes.

12) My favorite drinks now is limau suam (warm lemon juice). Last time I was unable to resist the temptation of iced drinks, but now I slowly change my drinking habits for the sake of better health. It all depends on whether you want it or not, right?

13) I used to have a 32 inch waist line and up to 74 kg in weight. Rasa macam gemuk gile. Now, I think I measure 28~29 inch waist line, and ehem ehem… 68kg (and already having friends saying that I’m too thin. Pulak dah!).

14) My favorite actor is Jackie Chan. He’s a cool guy.

15) I’ve been to all states within the peninsular of Malaysia, but never have been do Sarawak and Sabah.

16) I’m very particular about time. There were cases where I would time how fast I walk from my house to the bus station, or from one lecture room to another when I was studying at university. I even timed how long do I need to eat a standard lunch meal, or taking shower, or preparing a basic meal of nasi goreng. Wanna be efficient la ni kononnya.

17) The common joke I heard about teasing a guy/girl for their cooking skill is, “Alaaa, kau tu setakat masak air boleh la.”. But, the best joke so far I heard is, “Alaa, kau tu bukan setakat tak tau rebus telur. Kalau kau rebus air pun boleh hangus tau.”

18) I give up. I can only think of 18 random things at this moment.

19) Ah, just one more thing. I appreciate you guys, all readers who constantly visit this blog for whatever reason you have, and especially for those who put in their comments. Really appreciate it. And I hope you end up smiling upon reading any entry from this blog.

20) Ok, that’s it. Only 20 random things.


Anonymous said...

(you are soft-hearted that u can't bear watching "Bersamamu')

deejay said...

oooo.... dulu masa kat maktab punya la liat nak bangun pagi... hehehe sekarang particular bout time...
jangan mare....

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Syyyyy.. kisah yg lama usah di kenang, kelak merana badan.. hihihi

Ala DJ, nak bangun pagi memang la liat, takleh nak timing sbb mata tertutup takleh tengok jam masa tido daaaa... itu pasal laa..

bola2api said...

apa ni.. 20 jer? tak cukup sifat aa haha

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Aini, kau punya random things pendek-pendek, aku punya panjang-panjang. Adil la tu. Kalau nak ikutkan, jumlah perkataan aku lebih banyak dari kau punya tau.

Aku menang, yeay! hahaha.

Anonymous said...

bab bangun pagi memang lah liat bebenor....dulu kini..dan selamanya. asyik nak kene picit hidung je pagi2...