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Friday, February 20, 2009

The remaining 5…

Since there were some individuals who said it was unfair for me just to write up 20 random things when what was required were 25. If in work, would this count as an underperformance? Gosh, life can be hard sometimes, can't they?

So, here it goes again, the remaining 5 random things:

21) I could type with keyboard faster than I could write by pen/pencil. And my handwriting is, golly molly... I can't even read it again without trying to guess what I've written.

22) Truth be told, I don't like to listen to my own recorded voice. Don't worry, you won't see me on the TV auditing for Malaysian Idols. I won't make you suffer, I promise.

23) I would always go to watch movies at the cinema if I can control the volume of the speakers. I am grateful that Allah gave me good hearing capability and I'll try my best not to damage it. Hence, I just settle with watching DVDs where the volume level is at my fingertips.

24) No matter how interesting a book can be, 80% of the times I would fall asleep upon reading erm.. 5 pages. No, no. To be honest, 3 pages. Hahaha.

25) It’s not easy to think of 25 random things at one go you know. Tak percaya? Try it yourself. So, that’s it from me. Lepas ni jangan komplen-komplen lagi tau... hihihi


bola2api said...


well done.. reti pun kau kira 25 hehe

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Siot... aku guna calculator laa...

aini malas nak login said...

aku ingatkan kau guna calculator cina tuh.. apatah nama.. i can't recall la plak