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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Effect of global economic crisis?

I just walked into the restroom at my office and immediately stepped out of it and went to my cubicle to grab my camera and took below picture.

Now, I can't help thinking why on earth do they (whoever they are) put a kitchen paper inside a toilet? Among other reasons I could think of are:

a) All toilet paper manufacturers and dealers already went broke due to the economic crisis that there are no more toilet papers available on the market di seluruh Johor, Singapura dan Batam?

b) Kitchen paper is much cheaper than toilet paper? Is the company I'm working now exercising cost down on general expenditures?

c) They expect us to cook in the toilet? Eeeuuuwww...

d) If this is a kind of joke, I'm very sure that today is not an April fool's day.

e) New revolution in self hygiene?

f) ..... ? (I'm already out of idea)

Ok, back to my busy working life.


Stupe said...

bro, it's for those big @$$ fella la...

any policitians visited your office lately?

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Stupe, thanks for dropping by.

Politicians not yet, maybe coming soon. haha.

bola2api said...