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Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend tours - 79km + 131km

Kerja gila? No, no, no..

Aku gila? No, no, no.. of course not.

But, I actually did something which long long time ago I could only wonder how would there be people who can cycle long distance for two days in a row.

Now, not only that I know it is something do-able (provided you had enough physical training and mental preparation - compulsary!), but I also know how it feels after cycling 79km on Saturday morning, which was then followed by a 131km cycling on Sunday morning.

Tour de Pendas - 79km.

Tour de Ayer Baloi (re-visited) - 131k.

Ini bukan kerja gila, dan aku bukan orang gila. Tapi ini memang menggilakan.

As usual, full reports coming up soon. Stay in touch!

P/s: 220km is already in the book. I wonder how much further can I go...

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