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Thursday, February 5, 2009

I like to brick-it, brick-it..

Nah, I don't like doing brick training. It hurts!

For those who are new with triathlon terms, brick training is where you combine two or more discipline into one training. Like swim + bike, or bike + run, of do all the tree swim + bike + run. You know, things like that. Doing one right after another.

As much as I don't like doing brick training, looks like I have to start liking it from now onwards.

A first attempt was put yesterday during the weekly night ride to add in some running right after the cycling. Normally, I would be cycing about 30km and then call it a day. But last night, I cycled for 18km and then I switched to my running shoes and off I went, running 3km. At first, it was kind of painful. But to my surprise, I did not get any cramp in the legs.

A very baby-ish effort at this moment, yes I know. Not wanting to shock my body with excessive brick training yet as I don't want to get injured while training. I know I should increase the intensity of this brick training in the future, if I were to race in triathlon again. Maybe I'll try cycling 30km and then run 6km by next month.

We'll see how it goes. You'll know it when you hear me singging:

I like to brick-it, brick-it,
I like to brick-it, brick-it,
I like to brick-it, brick-it,
I like to... BRICK-IT!!!!

Yeah right...

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