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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ter-sprint (almost)

First, I just had the intention to do brick training at night during the weekly Wednesday night ride, at which after cycling 24km, I plan to run for roughly 2.5 or 3km.

At about 4pm or so, I received an SMS from an Ironman-to-be friend, "Petang ni nak swim tak? 6pm".

I took a brief look inside my sports bag which I brought to the office together with the cycling and running stuffs, and luck on my side I guess, my swimming attire and goggles were inside it too.

Quickly I replied him, "Boleh gak. C u at the pool later".

So, at about 6pm I started swimming. Not really sure for how far, but in total I swam for about 40~45 minutes or so, roughly speaking. It was a good work out though.

Since I've also packed my road bike inside the car since morning, I don't want to miss my brick training plan at night. Hence, after having light dinner (makan burger + air limau suam je) I drove to the cycling area.

Quite a lot of people turned up for the ride last night. I just followed the group whenever I could (remember, they are speed demons), and at times I would be doing my own pace just to complete the 4 loops, or roughly 24km.

Kaki dah sangat agak penat, yet I still insisted to do the short run. Set my stopwatch and off I went. 10 minutes later I was done with the run, to which I guestimate it to be around, ermm... 1.5~1.7km distance (based on my normal siput-khinzir speed lah).

Upon completing everything, I thought, "Eh, ni dah macam buat sprint triathlon ni, only that the distance is not exactly equivalent" (ni kes nak menyedapkan hati sendiri la ni).

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