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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training on trainer

Well, looks like I have to give it a miss to the Ayer Baloi 131km ride report. Not that I don't want to share it over, but more because of not having such a time to spend for it (making up the story). Perhaps, some other rides ya!

On different perspective, the triathlon series in Malaysia for 2009 will start with the one in Kenyir Lake (apart from Ironman Langkawi end of February), at the end of March. I have the thoughts of participating in this event, which they say is the toughest. Friends who have done this event agreed to that statement too, especially on the biking and running route up the hills. Ayoyoyo...

For such a tough event, one would need to do tough training too. Right? At least, this is what I have in mind. I guess I need to do more mileage training on the biking and running during weekends. Swimming could be fixed during weekdays evenings.

But wait, there's a school holiday coming up in March too. With school holidays, high probability wedding invitations will come too. Particularly this March, I have two close family members who are going to end their single-is-simple life, going towards the double-is-troubleBETTER life. Both weddings will happen on the first and second weekends of next month respectively.

Then, there will also be a weekend of the first Trikidz series of 2009, on March 21st & 22nd at UM sports center. I'm thinking of volunteering again. It would be fun seeing the kidz racing in their own little race, and as a bonus, I may get to know more local triathlete celebrities. Come join me!

The last week of March would be the Kenyir Lake Triathlon. Looking at above, I won't have any weekend at all during March to put in tough training on the tarmac. Alahai, camano ni?

Few friends advised me to get a trainer so that I can replace and break the long mileage cycling on weekends into short repetitive paddling on daily basis, indoor that is. Fortunately, Kamal agreed to lend me his bike trainer which he seldom use. Thanks again Kamal.

Last night I tried it for the first time. It was awkward at first to be that static on road bike. After a few adjustments and half an hour later, Gosh, I never imagined I could burst out that much of sweat from my body. Basah lantai beb!

However, it was very boring. Half an hour on it felt like half a day. Seriously boring. No nice sceneries, no fresh morning air and no motion sensation which I enjoy the most when doing the weekend long mileage cyclings. Hooking up MP3 earphones helped a little bit, just a little. Other than that, only motivation would keep me paddling. Discipline... discipline.

With that amount of sweat, I hope this trainer would do me good deal. And I'm secretly hoping I would be able to afford my own, one day.

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