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Monday, March 2, 2009

Respectful IM09

I can't help myself to firstly login to the Ironman Langkawi 2009 website to see the results as soon as I switched on my laptop this morning.

Not that I participated in it, but I was eager to know how did these triathletes performed, especially those friends who I know and some of them that share the same training ground with me here in JB. I even copied it onto a spreadsheet for future reference.

On the race day, I was at Kuantan attending a wedding and I was so eager to know how the race went that I SMS-ed and called Aini every few hours to know about the latest updates. Thanks Aini.

I even wished that I have a super-canggih-handheld unit where I can watch the race live wherever I am, even while eating the nasi minyak at the kenduri.

I'm speechless. I mean, I'm totally proud of what they have achieved, whether fast or slow, or even DNF-ed (DNF = did not finish). At least, their names appeared in the list as participants of the toughest game in its category - Ironman triathlon.

Though I could only see their numbers (as in their timings), I would never know how hard they've struggled all the three disciplines, how much they've suffered throughout the whole 10 to 16 hours, and how happy they felt upon crossing the finish line and hearing the emcee announcing "You are an IRONMAAAANNNNNN..!!!!"

I will never know it, unless if I do it myself.

To all JB triathlete friends who took part, well done and congratulations to you all!

To those triathletes bloggers who took part, well done and congratulations to you too. Can't wait to read your race experience.

Too many names to mention here. But, wa memang respect sama you all, IRONMAN!!!

Well done!

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