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Monday, March 23, 2009

My Race Check List

Let see what I have prepared and what I have to prepare for this weekend’s Kenyir tri.

For the swim leg
• 2 pairs of goggles – One for race and one for spare. I’m still thinking should I be bringing the spare while swimming. And if I am to bring them, how? By the way, I just bought a new pair of goggles yesterday which I hope will give me a good return of investment. Need to start using the new one this week to get used to them before using them in the lake.
• Anti-fog – Ermm, not yet bought. Maybe just mintak simpati from those friends who have it.
• Tri-top and tri-shorts – Going to use the tri-top for the first time. Excited-nya!
• Swim cap – Normally this will be provided by the race organizer. Hopefully this time around we’ll get a bling-bling better swim cap rather than like the plain-red color one we get for last year’s PD tri.

For the bike leg
• Bike – Just serviced and should be good to go. But I need to borrow a pair of tires to replace my over-used tires. Thanks to a good friend who’s willing to lend me his spare tires.
• Helmet – I only have one helmet which I used since the first time I touched a road bike. The hard plastic layer protecting the polystyrene has gone crippled for the mistake of leaving it inside the car under a very hot sunny day. Menyesal tak sudah.
• Bike shoes and socks – Already washed last two weeks. I'm sure the shoes will still remain clean with the reduced riding mileage I’m having nowadays.
• Cycling jersey and shorts – Will be using the tri-top and tri-shorts throughout the entire race.
• Sun glasses – Ermm, as one of the effect of not doing any long ride for the past one month is that, I lost track of where did I last placed the sunnies. Hope to find them lying anywhere in the house before leaving to Kenyir(or in one of the bags, gosh).
• Water bottles – checked. One to be put on the bike, one to be left at the transition area.
• Spare tubes – checked.
• Mini hand pump – Gonna pinjam from a friend.
• Standard size pump – checked.
• Masking tape to secure the PowerBar gels and spare tubes and hand pump and segala mak nenek onto the bike frame – checked.
• Bike computer (to check how slow I’ll be climbing those hills at Kenyir) – checked.

For the run leg
• Running shoes – I hope it won’t rain this week or else I would opt to keep the shoes dry in the house until race day, rather than going for a run training on the wet road.
• Race belt – It’s nice to use a race belt rather than pinning the race number on the tri-top or race short.

• PowerBar gels – I hope what I have is going to be sufficient.
• Sports watch – Timex Ironman babeh. Hehe, kuat berangan betul.
• Sunblock SPF30 – Just bought new one last weekend.
• ORS (Oral Rehydration Salt) – Need to buy some more.
• Small towel for transition area – PowerBar brand la, apa lagi? Barang sponsor free maa…
• Pre-race meal – not sure what to eat yet, either Maggi in cup or just bread and peanut butter jam.
• Digital camera – This is a must! Must put a note to bring along the spare batteries and charger too.

I can’t think of anything else at this moment. I just hope the final list I have will not look similar to a two weeks travelling backpack.

Dup dap, dup dap, dup dap, dup dap…..

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