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Monday, March 30, 2009

Thank Goodness

Thank goodness.

That's all I wanted to say.

Thank goodness for the safety arrival from JB to Kenyir, though my bums almost went numb for sitting in the bus for about 10 hours.

Thank goodness for the smooth registration and final preparation, the carboloading, and the good sleep I managed to get the night before race day.

Thank goodness for the fresh wake up in the morning with not so much of biological disturbance, though a second visit to the toilet during warming up was necessary.

Thank goodness that I survived the 1.5km swim, though I almost gave up (again) as I got attacked with panic during the first loop of the swim. God, I really thought I would need people to rescue me out of the water. I was totally out of breath. Never felt that panicked before in my life. And thank goodness I managed to calm down and move my way out of the water during the second loop to finish it.

Thank goodness for the absence of cramp in my legs when cycling up those long and super-steep killing hills, though at times I was only able to do 7km/hr. And thank goodness I did not fell down or get myself injured while speeding down the hills at 60km/hr.

Thank goodness for the plentiful of water stations alongside the very tough running route that was much needed to cool down my cramped thighs. And thank goodness that I still managed to walk up all the hills and run a little bit on the way down, just to collect the two ribbons at the u-turn point and prove that I've covered the whole 10km distance.

Thank goodness I was able to cross the finishing line, injury free.

Thank goodness we safely arrived JB at 2am this morning with slightly longer travelling time as we had longer recovery-carboloading stops here and there. And thank goodness I could still wake up to come to work this morning.

Finally, thank goodness for the opportunity to meet old friends and make new friends at the race event. Without them all, triathlon race would never be as fun!

Race report coming up later (errr, or tomorrow), hopefully.

With my bodyguards? How I wish.


KOOKY KASH said...

woohoo! we did it!

..::EnAikAY::.. said...

Yup Kash, we surely did!

Big congratulations to you on your maiden Olympic distance triathlon on the toughest event in M'sia, and you still managed to get 10th placing in your age category.

Well done, triathlete Kash!